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Upgrading your windows to double glazing is a sensible option for many reasons. Here's why double glazed windows are life changing.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Double Glazed Windows

Whether you want to save money, make your home more energy efficient or enhance the aesthetics of your property, upgrading to double glazing is an investment worth making. 

Double glazing reduces condensation that can cause musty odours in soft furnishings, mildew growth or damage to woodwork. This is because the gap between the panes traps air, preventing it from meeting the warmer outside air. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

Upgrading your windows to double glazing is a sensible option for many reasons. The airtight seal means that heat cannot escape your home once you have turned up the heating, resulting in lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Energy bills are currently at an all-time-high in the UK, which is why making an investment like this will save you in the long run from those stubborn heating payments, especially in winter.

Improved Security

Double glazing is much harder to break than windows that are made of a single pane. This makes them a great security upgrade for your home as they are hard to smash and can be difficult to force open. Double glazed windows also come with multi point locking systems making it even harder for intruders to break into your property.

In addition, a layer of insulation between the two glass panels will reduce condensation build up and noise entering your property from outside. This can be a huge benefit for those who live on busy streets, near train stations or airports.

Reduced Condensation

Double glazing reduces condensation significantly as it traps air between the two glass panes and provides a layer of insulation. Condensation occurs when moisture-laden air comes into contact with a cold surface such as a windowpane and forms water droplets which can be problematic in terms of wood rot, mould and asthma. 

Mould is a very common problem among homes in the UK, especially with damp weather conditions and old windows. Double glazing ensures these issues do not arise, saving your home from these stubborn issues. 


Double glazing is available in a variety of styles and designs to suit your home. Replacing your windows with new double glazing will add a fresh, modern feel to the property and will increase its aesthetic appeal.

Since these types of windows are an improvement from single glazing, and are very durable, they can significantly increase home value which is deal for those looking to sell in the near future. A home that has recently upgraded its windows, makes for better sale advantage. 

Noise Reduction

The larger gap between the glass panes on double glazing is effective at reducing noise pollution. This can be due to road traffic, neighbours and children playing loudly, or just general household sounds.

This is a common problem in urban areas where the streets are busy all day and night and it can be a real pain for some people. Upgrading your windows to double glazing can make a difference and also help improve the aesthetics of your property.

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