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3 Major Dog-Friendly Places In Lake District

Do you have a dog that needs an excellent environment to roam around? Are you looking for pet-friendly places in England? If yes, your hunt is over because this article mentions some mind-boggling dog-friendly places in Lake District. 

Lake District is a popular place in the northwestern part of England. The beauty of this region is astonishing, as it encompasses beautiful lakes, forests, and much more. It has two heritage spots, one of them being the ‘English Lake District. Due to its magnificent beauty, there are many places to stay in the lake district with dogs, as no one will disturb your private time with your pet.

Usually, people tend to worry about their dogs. If you plan a holiday to this famous and beautiful tourist destination, take a pen and note these fantastic places. The below-mentioned areas are pet-friendly, and you can take your dog anywhere for a walk without any hassle. 

  • Windermere

Windermere is considered one of the most renowned towns in the Lake District. It is situated in Cumbria, the North West of England. Surrounded by greenery, villages like Bowness-on-Windermere, and colossal mountain peaks, this region is the ideal place for your adorable pets. You would find the hill Orrest Head on Windermere’s eastern shores. The area also has the World of Beatrix Potter, which features Potter’s stories in a 3D version.

This place lies on the shore of the largest of England’s lakes, Lake Windermere. A great walk alongside the lake with your dogs would make your heart happy and full of contentment. Many restaurants welcome dogs with open arms, so you don’t need to leave these little creatures behind. 

  • Hawkshead

Hawkshead is considered one of Cumbria’s ancient villages. It is situated in the South Lake District. One of the most well considered facts about this area is that the renowned poet William Wordsworth had his school here. 

You may find many beautiful cottages and old-fashioned houses. It is undoubtedly one of the great places to stay in the Lake District with dogs. The streets are narrow and have cobbles. A dog might enjoy a peaceful walk along the lanes. The Grizedale Forest is nearby, which makes it an excellent choice for your pets to visit and roam around. 

Moreover, cars are not allowed inside the village, and parking facilities are available on the outskirts of Hawkshead. Your pet can enjoy their time with no disturbance. Indeed an outstanding location with teahouses, inns, guesthouses, and much more. 

  • Coniston

Coniston is an excellent place for your four-legged pets. It’s a lovely Lakeland village overlooked by the tall mountain and the landscape is undoubtedly a hit for the masses.

A picturesque village within the Lake District, the location is so fascinating that it undoubtedly served as the setting for Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons. Moreover, The lake along which the village sits is likewise well-known for being the location of the deadly attempt by Donald Campbell to win the water speed world record in 1955. 

You can rent bikes from Coniston Boating Centre and tour the local area. If you have a dog, a walk is an excellent option. You will encounter scenic locations, pubs, and cottages inside this gorgeous city. 


All three places mentioned above, i.e., Coniston, Windermere and Hawkshead, are excellent tourist spots and attractions for dogs. An ideal destination would feature natural fresh air, beautiful scenarios, and a cooperative neighbourhood. The restaurants and pubs also welcome dogs, and you can enjoy vacation time with your best friends. Do visit these exciting places and enjoy your vacation.

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