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Discover Bucharest’s hidden coffee shops

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, was once deservedly called the “Little Paris of the East” due to its culturally rich history and sumptuous architecture. However, after World War II and the communist dictatorship, the city went into decline. One place that helped bring cultural richness back to Bucharest was Origo Coffee House, known for its white cups and unique light fittings. Modern Bucharest is famous for its invigorating hot beverage. The specialty coffee sector is actively developing in the city. In less than two years, the number of places offering specialty coffee in Bucharest has increased from 11 to more than 50. The development of this sphere is characterized not only by an increase in the number of establishments, but also by an increase in their quality.

Speciality vs. regular coffee

The main difference between regular and specialty coffee is that specialty coffee is a much higher quality product than regular coffee. But what exactly is meant by this? 

The journey that coffee beans take from the moment they are picked to being brewed in a cup is a long and meticulous process. In the case of regular coffee, this process is often optimized for mass and economic production, which may involve using cheaper coffee varieties and simpler processing methods.

In the case of specialty coffee, high quality at every stage of production (harvesting, roasting and preparation) is prioritized. This means selecting coffee beans more carefully, paying attention to growing conditions, using special processing and roasting methods, and being careful with storage and transport. The result of this effort is a coffee that has a more distinctive flavor, aroma and unique characteristics, making it a more valuable and desirable product amongst connoisseurs of the invigorating beverage. This is the kind of specialty coffee that is gaining maximum popularity in Bucharest. Its huge assortment can be found in the Hotspot Coffee chain. Here, visitors have all the conditions to choose the right drink after tasting it on the spot. You can also order coffee delivery anywhere in Bucharest.

Secrets of the Hidden Pearl coffee house 

The Hidden Pearl in Bucharest is a unique and cosy coffee establishment that attracts visitors with its atmosphere, quality coffee and special service. 

Here are a few key features of this coffee shop:

  • Amazing atmosphere. “The Hidden Pearl in Bucharest” has a cosy and intimate design that creates the perfect place to relax and enjoy coffee. The establishment pays attention to details in the interior, creating a pleasant and calming atmosphere.
  • Outstanding coffee quality. The coffee house is known for its high quality coffee, which is prepared with great passion and professionalism. Selected varieties of coffee beans are used here, and the roasting and preparation of coffee is done with great attention to detail.
  • Menu variety. Apart from excellent coffee, Hidden Pearl offers a variety of tea drinks, desserts and snacks to satisfy different tastes of visitors.
  • Friendly staff. The coffee shop staff are friendly and professionally trained, welcoming to visitors and willing to help them choose a drink to suit their preferences.
  • Community of coffee drinkers. Hidden Pearl in Bucharest has become a meeting place for coffee lovers to share their experiences and discuss fresh impressions.

This coffee shop is a real find for connoisseurs of high quality coffee and those looking for a unique experience in the world of coffee establishments.

Top best speciality coffee shops in Bucharest

There’s no doubt that coffee is valued so much in Bucharest that choosing the perfect coffee shop can be a real challenge.

Do you need a place for productive work, a stylish café with a hipster atmosphere, a trendy establishment or just a cozy place to relax and chat with friends, to spend a working day, a thematic training or a seminar? In our review you are sure to find an institution that meets your expectations. Take your time, explore coffee places in Bucharest and discover your new favorite coffee shop.

Origo Coffee House is famous for its high quality coffee, which is roasted right on site. Here you will be welcomed by professional and friendly baristas. They will offer author’s drinks that will allow you to enjoy rich taste and aroma in a cozy atmosphere.

A lot of locals choose Origo for remote work, because during the day it is quiet and there is a wi-fi point with high-speed internet. 

And at night, the place turns into a bar, attracting a diverse audience with its delicious cocktails. 

If you are in the center of Bucharest, don’t miss the chance to visit Beans&Dots coffee house. It is located in Universul Palace, one of the most emblematic buildings of the city.

Many people literally start their day by stopping by Beans&Dots early in the morning to enjoy their first cup of coffee before the working day. For others, it becomes the perfect place to work remotely.

Beans&Dots will delight you with an extensive selection of coffee drinks and flavourful pastries.

And they also have a cozy terrace where you can enjoy the fresh air, even ignoring the weather. It’s a great place to work as well as to meet with friends. Creatives from all fields and arts also gather here – to find inspiration, keep up with what’s going on and meet like-minded people.

Guido Coffee House impresses with its minimalist design, with white walls, wooden tables and a bar that houses coffee machines on one side and a shelf of pastries on the other.

This place is renowned for some of the best coffee in Bucharest, offering a wide range of coffee varieties from producers from all over the world. One of the suppliers of specialty coffee for Guido is Hotspot Coffee. The representatives of the coffee shops of this chain bring their best gourmet varieties for the visitors of the coffee shop, which can be enjoyed by real gourmets. 

There is a small seating area at the front of the coffee shop, it is usually quite busy and space can be hard to find. However, additional space is available on the first floor.

The owners Guido are true coffee aficionados and are always willing to share their knowledge and pass on a real passion for this drink. If you are also a coffee connoisseur, attending the public cappings organized here can be an exciting experience. Be sure to book in advance or come early, as the cappings are very popular with Guido’s regulars.

Guido prides itself on roasting coffee on site and also offers a small range of pastries. The cafe tends to get quite crowded, but it’s a place worth a visit if you’re looking for one of the best coffee shops in Bucharest.

Coffee and jazz are the perfect combination, especially in such a pleasant atmosphere as at The Coffee Factory. Here you can savor unique coffee varieties roasted directly on site. Their well-maintained garden will surprise you with its beauty and provides ample space to enjoy a great cup of coffee in the open air.

The Coffee Factory is known for its great service, quality and cozy atmosphere. It is a great place to come, relax and enjoy your favorite coffee drink.

Bucharest is a city with a unique coffee culture and an enchanting atmosphere. There are many coffee shops here, and choosing the best one can be a challenge. Our review presents only a small part of those that have earned the trust of regular customers and tourists.  All these establishments offer exquisite drinks and create a unique atmosphere. And you can find them very easily – by clicking on the name you will be transferred to their exact location on Google map. We hope that our review will help you to get acquainted with the best traditions of coffee art in Bucharest.

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