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A disruptive year has finally come to an end, but businesses are facing the challenges of the new normal. Check out our tips for digital marketing.

10 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Overlook in 2021

A disruptive year has finally come to an end, but businesses are facing the challenges of the new normal.  A robust digital marketing plan is no longer a choice for them because consumers prioritize online buying now. A strong presence across the internet is the only way to survive and thrive. It makes sense to stay a step ahead of the latest digital marketing trends so that you can realign your strategy for success. Here are the ones you cannot overlook in 2021. 

Content continues to rule

Content is the evergreen trend that will stay around. Google’s BERT update prioritizes well-written content that matches the audience’s intent. Contextual links and fast site speeds are equally important. If you want to score on all these fronts, the link building service by outreachmonks has you covered. Rest assured that you have experts churning engaging content and creating high-quality backlinks that keep you on track with the trends.


Even as consumers look for quality content, personalization can add all the more value to it.  Whether it is online ads, product recommendations, or email marketing, targeting the audience with relevant content can make all the difference. It makes sense to personalize your digital marketing strategy to ensure that the right message reaches the right customer at the right time.

Chatbots and AI

Another trend that you cannot ignore is chatbots and AI. These smart virtual assistants follow the customers online, analyze their behavior and search patterns. They can understand what the buyer expects and interact with them accordingly, with contextual conversations and recommendations across the online selling channels like websites and mobile apps.

Influencer marketing

If you want to nail your digital marketing strategy, you cannot undermine the role of influencers. These niche experts help your brand reach the right audiences and win their trust and credibility with positive recommendations for your business. A word by an influencer can get your sales touching the skies.

Video marketing

Video content is another trend that can propel your business ahead in 2021 and beyond.  Consumers find videos engaging, which makes them a great element to have in your marketing mix. Product videos and brand stories add value and credibility to your business and have the audience hooked to your brand.

User-generated content

As consumers become smarter than ever, it is no longer possible to impress them with conventional promotional tactics. User-generated content plays a key role in your digital marketing plan. It empowers your brand with positive recommendations by real buyers. Reviews and brand stories by real people have the potential to boost sales. 

Voice search

With the rise of smart speakers, voice search becomes a critical element of digital marketing. You need to make sure that your content is optimized with the right keywords that ensure ranking in voice searches. Longer keywords and complete sentences are the ones that get you there.

Visual search 

Like voice search, visual search is another trend you cannot afford to miss out on because a growing number of buyers are using visual search engines like Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, and Bing Visual Search. Ensuring that they can find your products here means that you will not miss the opportunity.

Social commerce and shoppable posts

The importance of social media as a selling channel has grown during the pandemic. Integrating social commerce and shoppable posts into your marketing mix is the best way to leverage this trend to your advantage. 

Holistic approach 

Winning the digital marketing game in 2021 is all about taking a holistic approach. You need a smart mix of SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, and influencer promotions to reach the audience and stay connected. Collaborating with a reseller for white label SEO is a good idea because they will have your search rankings covered. You also need to tie up with specialists in other core areas to stay ahead.

Following these latest digital marketing trends will definitely get your brand ahead and stay there. Just go ahead and embrace them to ace your promotional game!

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