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What is Diamond Ranch Academy?

Diamond Ranch Academy is a leading residential treatment center for troubled teens ages 12-18 that is committed to assisting troubled teens and their families in making long-term, life-changing adjustments in a safe, controlled, and supportive environment.

Why Consider Diamond Ranch Academy for your child?

The Diamond Ranch Academy is a non-traditional educational facility that focuses on educating and assisting problematic adolescents and young adults.

These problems might range from difficulties with behavioral and emotional regulation to difficulties with cognitive learning that cannot be adequately addressed in the setting of a conventional school.

In addition to providing academic instruction, Diamond Ranch Academy typically also provides psychological counseling to its students and is frequently involved with them on a very deep level. This is done to assist students in recovering from substance abuse and regaining their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Both therapeutic boarding schools and therapeutic day schools are offered at Diamond Ranch Academy. Therapeutic boarding schools offer intensive residential treatment, while therapeutic day schools allow students to live at home during non-school hours. Do you have questions about Diamond Ranch Academy and want to find out whether or not it could be a good fit for your child?

Diamond Ranch Academy’s Programs for Troubled Teens

Ranch Academy’s special programs for disturbed teens are unmatched in the industry. A Character Education program is provided for the students at the school. Specifically aimed at helping children grow in positive ways that benefit their character and daily lives, this is a set of workbooks created for their use.

Each team (Programming, Clinical, or Academic) contributes age-appropriate and individually tailored assignments to the Character Curriculum. Students at diamond ranch academy are encouraged to pursue their passions and establish a solid foundation for their professional futures. Experienced teachers help each student chart out a personalized plan for learning.

Equine therapy is used at Diamond Ranch Academy. This type of therapy involves engaging in activities with horses. It has been demonstrated via research that spending time with animals has a calming and stress-relieving effect, which in turn has a beneficial influence on a person’s emotional and mental health. People who are struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges have shown positive results after participating in equine therapy. Our students at Diamond Ranch Academy are assisted by professionals who guide them through equestrian chores such as feeding, grooming, and leading the horses.

Because participation in these activities requires the kids to put others before themselves, concentrate, and work together, they are able to develop and improve their:

  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Self-esteem
  • Empathy
  • Emotional management and control
  • Social skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Have faith in yourself as well as others
  • Capacity to form and preserve relationships with others

Therapeutic Boarding School Athletic Programs 

Teenagers of varying degrees of physical ability are encouraged to take part in the athletic program offered by the city league. Teens can choose to compete in a wide variety of sports, including softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, golfing, cheerleading, track, and now even Zumba.

The coaches are skilled professionals who are aware that enhancing each teen’s sense of sportsmanship, team management, and self-confidence are the fundamental goals of the program, and that participation in the program ought to be an enjoyable as well as a risk-free experience for every athlete who takes part in it.

Programs for Special Needs Students at Diamond Ranch Academy

Diamond Ranch Academy takes a novel approach to education that solves many of the problems traditionally encountered in schools. It makes use of a skill-building method based on the concept of independent, self-paced practice until mastery is achieved.

Students are free to learn at their own pace without the constraints of a classroom setting, and proficiency is the goal. Because proficiency is required at each stage, learning subsequent skills is facilitated. The emphasis is on developing effective study habits and providing personalized support to each student. Students engage in groups (of 5-8) to improve abilities including teamwork, critical thinking, critiquing, personality development, including citizenship in addition to learning those skills. Students are able to receive more individualized attention from the teacher in these smaller settings.

High-End Therapeutic Boarding School for Teens

Diamond Ranch Academy is located on a beautiful 55-acre site where they have built a number of modern, well-appointed buildings to help troubled teens. Diamond Ranch Academy is a boarding school for both boys and girls of varying ages, with facilities at both the high school and middle school levels.

Lava Falls

The residential school at Lava Falls serves male students between the ages of 16 and 17, inclusive. These boys are often on the cusp of entering maturity, although a few of them are emotionally immature. They may not be prepared for the responsibilities and struggles that come with independence, despite the fact that they have the desire to be on their own.

Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is a girls-only boarding school for preteens and tweens who are still developing social skills as they prepare for life as young adults. The teenage years are challenging for everyone, but they may be especially trying for young women, who may become defiant and difficult to deal with.

They learn the tools at Diamond Ranch Academy to cope with the psychological, social, and physiological shifts they’ll face in their teens. The friendships they form with other women at school make it less intimidating for them to return home.

The Whisper Creek

Whisper Creek is an all-female boarding school for females ages 16–17. Building trusting ties with our therapists in this way facilitates the healing process. Because of this, students have a better chance of forming and maintaining ties with their peers and their families outside of the institution.


This boarding school for boys is equipped to meet the unique needs of the males who enroll there between the ages of 12 and 13, just as it does for girls who are going through the same developmental transitions. It encourages personal development and teaches people to value themselves and others.

Stone Ridge

The boys at Stone Ridge, a residential school for those aged 14 and 15, are taught to take responsibility for their actions. Also, it teaches kids how to deal with adversity, which is crucial for their overall success in life.

Licensed therapists with specialized training

The school’s high-quality facility and variety of activities are important, but the therapists put in the greatest work. Their therapists all have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. They’ve met Northeast Association Accreditation plus Utah State Office of Education licensure criteria. Master’s and doctoral-level therapists at Diamond Ranch Academy are licensed in Utah. Therapists are welcoming and know how to help troubled teens as well as their families.

Diamond Ranch Academy is overall best for your troubled teens

The first week of your time at Diamond Ranch Academy is spent in an intensive orientation program. Key personnel invests considerable effort into developing personal relationships with each new student during this stage.

Your kid will get a taste of what it’s like in every sector, and a taste of the many opportunities that await them in life. Professional teams at Diamond Ranch Academy continue to collaborate closely to give kids and their families the skills and knowledge they need to heal from the effects of trauma and move forward with their lives together.

These procedures have been utilized numerous times with positive results. If you’re looking for a place where your child can learn and practice real-life skills in a nurturing setting where they can earn money, take on a challenging job, and have fun, go no farther than Diamond Ranch Academy and their potent Real Life Transition Program. Learn more about programs for troubled teens.

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