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Detailed Buying Guide on Sugarcane Juice Machines

The taste of sugarcane juice is always fascinating, and this can be shown by the fact that the only reason we eat sugarcane is so that we can only drink that juice since no one eats the other part. The machine makes the work easier by relieving us of the hassle of squeezing out the juice.

This article will outline the factors that you need to know before acquiring the device.

  • How it works

The machine takes in the sugarcane pieces fed into it and crushes them under a very high force. The juice is then allowed to trickle down to the bottom, where a sieve sieves out anything that cannot be counted as a liquid.

Different sugarcane juice machines have varying prices. The same variables are questioned when you think about these machines.

  • Materials used in the building of the juice machine

A decent sugarcane juice machine will have to be made of stainless steel. The superior the materials used, which means that the more expensive materials used in the making of the device, then the more expensive the sugarcane juice machine will tend to be.

  • Juicing capability

The amount of juice produced for one meter of sugarcane is also one of the many factors to consider if you want to price your machine in Kenya. A sugarcane juice machine’s juicing capability is directly proportional to the machine’s crushing power.

Therefore, the more a machine can grind the canes faster, thus producing more juice, the more expensive the device will be. This can be considered a thank-you gift to the manufacturer for manufacturing a machine which reduces the wastage on behalf of the sugarcane juice vendor.

  • Model

Superior sugarcane juice models raise better cash in comparison to the inferior ones. The superior models can be counted as having better features that improve the machine’s performance. These superior models are better equipped for reduced energy waste and perform better. A better performance thus guarantees to fetch a higher price at the market.

This, therefore, controls the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya.

  • Motor performance

It is no secret that all sugarcane juice machines are electric driven and use a motor. So what separates the wheat from the chaff is the motor performance. A superior engine guarantees a higher crushing power, which means that the machine with a better motor is superior to the others as it has a higher engine. This goes a long way in impacting the sugarcane juice machine price.



All in all, it is pretty valid to say that the forces behind the wheel of determining the prices of the sugarcane juice machine in Kenya are very many. This makes it a necessity to do a detailed assessment before buying the machine so as to acquire one that will be worth the while. As a result, the content present in this piece is a useful guide on getting you familiarized with the factors influencing the price of the sugarcane machine in the market.




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