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Chocolate-covered strawberry mocha? S'mores Frappuccino? Hack into these delicious TikTok drink recipes to level up your Starbucks experience!

Vamp up your Starbucks drink with these TikTok hacks

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s Starbucks. And nowhere is that love for Starbucks drinks stronger than TikTok. TikTok is home to many fun Starbucks drinks hacks that have had many running to their nearest location. 

From lemonades to ice cream to frappuccinos, TikTok has a hack for every kind of Starbucks drinks that you could think of or want to try. Just make sure you’re nice to the barista who makes them! 

Of course, we love Starbucks drinks, so we sipped through the threads to find the best TikTok hacks. Get your order ready and dive into these TikTok hacks for Starbucks drinks


this was better than getting the regular drink double blended 🙏 who else is wearing masks again at work 😭 #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ India Part II – Lil Durk

Pretty in pink 

Who can say no to a pink drink?! 


recipe at the end of the video 🙏 this drink won’t separate like the frappuccino if you want it to last longer #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ original sound – .saucy.edits

Caramel crunch 

The crunch just makes it *chef’s kiss*. 


still waiting for peach and guava to come back they taste so good in the lemonade 😭 #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ all i need – chillytunees

Little lemonade 

That’s a must-have to beat this summer heat!


♬ original sound – Starbucks

Mix it up 

Waste not, want not right? 


im sad they discontinued this one 😪 if you order this frappucino it tastes similar 🙏 #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ yall fine or whatever – jordan

Smore s’mores 

No bonfire required! 


Reply to @rafaela_valesi this one tastes just like icecream 🤤 recipe at the end of the video :) #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ original sound – bendiiixx🤟🏽🔥


Cookie Monster has entered the chat . . . . 


recipe at the end of the video :) this one is my new favorite the foam is the best part #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ fancy – astr0us

Cold brew coming in 

We love bringing the cold brew to new levels! 


recipe at the end of the video 👀 I always recommend this one when people want icecream it tastes just like it 🙏 #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ Need To Know Slowed and Reverb Clean By Doja Cat – Life Outside Of The Box.

Ice cream?! 

We scream, you scream . . . . . 


make sure to the buy the cafe latte premier protein! it tastes good with the other flavors too #starbucks #protein #fyp

♬ Rich – Big Yavo

Powerful protein

Gotta get those gains in while sipping on our Starbucks


it tastes exactly like one 👀 #starbucks #fyp #barista

♬ original sound – Brooksie

Classic combo 

Strawberry and chocolate. Need we say more? 

Have any other great TikTok Starbucks drinks hacks? Drop them below in the comments!

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