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The main problem we each encounter is ensuring our data is protected. DearMob iPhone Manager got your back. Here's why and how.

Need to Easily Transfer & Back up your iPhone data? DearMob iPhone Manager got your back

Are you upgrading? Or simply wanted to backup your iPhone’s data? Every Apple user both loves and fears the day they get their upgrade. The main problem we each encounter is ensuring our data is protected. DearMob iPhone Manager got your back.

Ensuring that your precious photos, videos, and any other data from your iPhone are safe is important for anyone. Even content creators or filmmakers require their information to remain protected. Protecting a big project from being erased is always a big fear. Luckily DearMob iPhone Manager is on a mission to save and protect your iPhone’s data.

One of the most common problems that iPhone users have is storage space on their iTunes and iCloud. When there is no more space, files can no longer be protected. With fears of personal information getting leaked, a growing concern is safety. Ensuring safety is DearMob’s priority and with their software that can be a reality.

DearMob iPhone Manager can also help protect your data. It places a higher value on users’ privacy by enabling military-grade encryption in iPhone data backup. What’s more, it guarantees no data erasing and information leakage. DearMob enables two-way file transfer between iPhone and computer selectively. Don’t always rely on the Cloud, rely on DearMob. 

You’ll be able to fully back-up all iPhone data on a computer and restore your backup to a new device. With DearMob iPhone Manager you can manage your music/playlist, photo/albums, contacts: export, add, create, modify, delete, rebuild, edit, etc. Batch export files by your selection, by day, week, month, year, by artist, album, music list, search, by folder. 

Import & auto-convert video, music, e-books to be compatible with iDevice; auto-rotate video to fit iOS full screen. Option to convert HEIC to JPG, Live photo to a video & still image. Export contacts as VCF/PDF/TXT/HTML. Free DRM-laden music, movies, books; make your iTunes purchases playable on Non-Apple. DearMob offers all this and more with their software.

They make protecting your data easier than it’s ever been. DearMob even has tutorials for those who want to learn the basics of the software.

DearMob iPhone Manager is light and fast. According to tests from a third-party website, it can transfer 100 4K photos in 8 seconds. Independent of Wi-Fi, the transfer process will be more stable. Besides, files can be selectively transferred to save more time on data reading and analysis.

This software is perfect for those who want to accelerate iPhone/iPad migration and free up storage to revive old devices. If you are seeking an iTunes alternative or complementary software of iTunes to manage iPhone. Or maybe are seeking an easy-to-use, fast, safe, and stable iPhone/iPad management software and need a flexible & safe solution to back up, transfer, export iOS files from/to iPhone.

In the creative industry, a lot of the data on your iPhone is vital. Ensuring your data is protected is a number one priority. If you are struggling to find reliable software then look no further. Ensure that all your data is safe with DearMob.

The fear of losing your iPhone can be a thing of the past when you know that DearMob is in your corner and your important data is protected. Make sure to check out DearMob and all they have to offer this iPhone file manager.

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