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How to Get Acquainted on the Internet: Dispelling Myths About Dating Sites

Modern people try to do as much as possible without leaving their beloved and indispensable assistant — the computer. Without leaving home, we make bargains in online stores without getting up from the couch, buy train and plane tickets, consult with lawyers and study foreign languages. One disadvantage of all this is that we are less likely to be in crowded places, which reduces the chances of meeting the partner of our dreams. How to make one assistant — the computer — help you find another assistant — a partner? How to get to know each other on the internet to avoid disappointment?

On the one hand, everything is simple — register on a dating site like Brides 4 Love and look for your happiness in the face of a Slavic woman while watching your favorite movie or a boring meeting at work. But on the other hand, dating sites are shrouded in myths, half of which scare away, while the other leads to disappointment. Let’s deal with these myths and open the door to our happiness!

  1. Dating Sites are Full of Perverts

Do not forget that all these resources are visited by ordinary people, there is not a single alien sent to Earth to study the subtle psyche of the beautiful inhabitants of our planet! Take a look around — the site may have this beautiful girl with sad eyes, and that tipsy unshaven man in wrinkled trousers, and even the impudent one who stepped on someone’s foot, who did not consider it necessary to ask for forgiveness! Any person can turn out to be your interlocutor, and how communication will be built — time will show, which is not so much needed to tell the future plans of a new friend.

Why does it seem that there are a lot of perverts on dating sites? Just for the reason that in real life, such people do not dare to speak vulgarities and come up with obscene proposals! Just treat such applicants calmly, blacklist them and continue your search.

  1. I Will Find My Soulmate Immediately

While some people are only thinking about how to get acquainted with a potential partner on the Internet, others who register on a dating site for the first time see a potential spouse in the first person who takes the initiative. Unfortunately, few people manage to find their happiness on the day of the premiere.

Get ready for the fact that there will be disappointments along the way, and some people will behave inappropriately. Don’t be upset if a potential partner is in no hurry to make a first date, they may have good reasons for this. Do not panic if the virtual friend starts to be rude — this is how weak people offended by others and deprived of fascinating life behave.

  1. What If No One Likes Me?

Some people are so sure of their unattractiveness that they are afraid to show their pictures to the public. It’s hard to even call it a myth — it’s just nonsense! Millions of women whose parameters do not fit into the 90×60×90 ideal are happy and loved!

There are a lot of people in the world with long noses, who are lop-eared, or have small breasts — they receive dozens of compliments a day, just because they love themselves and don’t focus on trifles!

All people have different ideas about beauty, and besides, not everyone dreams of seeing a person with a model appearance next to them. Try registering on dating platforms, and on the first day, you will realize how prejudiced you were about your appearance!

  1. Dating Sites Ask for Money

Indeed, paid resources have now appeared, but no one is forcing you to create a profile there. There are many free portals where you can just as easily find a decent person. Yes, some services can cost money. But do you sit in a café for free, waiting for a lonely person to approach you? Or are you going to a club without any extra expenses, in the hope of a fateful acquaintance with a soulmate? If you count all the expenses in the real world, then spending on dating websites will seem even more profitable and attractive!

  1. On the Internet, They Are Looking Only for Easy Relationships

Alas, this statement is also not true. For a one-time date, it’s easier to go to a bar and, without the pink string, get to know the person sitting next to you. On the contrary, modest or very busy people turn to the help of the internet, who do not have natural impudence and time for dubious acquaintances.

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