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Want to know how to win the heart of a Ukrainian girl? Learn these top ten tips on how to keep her interested and have her fall head over heels for you!

10 tips to date Ukrainian girl

Would you like to woo a hot Ukrainian lady and not get in a stupid situation? Some ladies still like courageous guys who are never at a loss for words, but sometimes, the representatives of the fair sex may be nostalgic for old times when noble knights read poems and sang serenades. So, where to find the golden mean and succeed in dating Ukrainian ladies for marriage?

Don’t Force Things

Yes, you have to take into account her “I’m not ready yet.” She may not be ready for almost everything. Do not rush in any case! Call, take an interest in her life, chat about this and that, every now and then, give her a nice trinket. At some point, you will feel that she is ready to start a new stage, and then do not hesitate!

Take Better Care of Yourself

A woman can notice any little thing, such as dirty fingernails. This detail can destroy everything that you spent a lot of effort on. So, going on a date, take care not only of the table in a restaurant and a bouquet but also of your appearance. But, of course, do not go overboard fancy clothes and manicured nails talk about you more like a boy from the golden youth than a real man.

Stay Romantic

Today, romance is really in short supply. Thus, a bouquet, a non-trivial text message to wake your bride up in the morning, or a soft toy, or a candlelight dinner always work.

Greed Pushes Your Woman Away

Ladies appreciate a man’s generosity. That doesn’t mean you have to shower with diamonds a casual girlfriend on the second date. Still, lovely little things like perfume, chocolates, tickets to a concert or nightclub, a cocktail at the bar at your expense are necessary attributes in your courtship.

Know How to Surprise

If you are still puzzled over the question “How to woo a girl?”, remember that women like surprises. So, you have something to surprise your girlfriend. For example, invite her for a walk in an unusual place or share an unusual hobby with her.

Be Witty

Nobody likes gloomy people. Can you imagine yourself having a date with a poker-faced partner? Ladies like men who make them smile and laugh. Ambiguous jokes don’t count! Be able to make your girlfriend laugh even if she isn’t a fun girl it’s worth it.

It’s All About Compliments

If you tell your woman that she has beautiful breasts or a tight ass, you are unlikely to give her much pleasure. Still, praising her hat or lipstick color or her dog’s sweet behavior at the right moment is the first step toward her heart.

Say “NO” to Criticism

Even if there’s something you don’t like about your Ukrainian bride’s lifestyle (looks, behavior, language, etc.), you can hardly change it at once, but you can easily make her angry or upset. So, before criticizing a woman’s shortcomings, think hard about how you will feel if she does the same?

Cook for Her

As you know, men are the best cooks in the world, and girls adore eating something tasty. Even if you aren’t a chef, you are able to make an original omelet, a fruit salad, or just a sandwich, but nicely served.

Meeting the Parents

For most Ukrainian girls, meeting with their parents is a meaningful sign showing how serious their intentions are. Don’t introduce your potential bride just for fun, and don’t ask her to invite you for a family dinner in a few weeks.

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