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Packaging can be a real hassle, especially for independent businesses. Call your local post office and learn more about custom poly mailer bags!

Custom Poly Mailer Bags USA: Get Your Business Booming in 2022

Poly mailers are some of the most cost-efficient solutions that help you ship e-commerce goods which is the reason for their popularity. Poly mailers are weather-proof, durable, and are available in many materials to help you pack and ship all kinds of materials safely such as bubble-lined and recycled. 

Poly Mailer Bags Wholesale is preferred to store goods as compared to cardboard boxes and you can use custom poly mailer bags and add eye-catching design elements to promote your brand and showcase its story with your shipping.

Poly mailers offer you amazing benefits that your business should not be missing out on. You can use custom poly mailers to maximize your marketing, advertising, and branding strategy and enhance the experience of your customers significantly.

custom poly mailer bags

With custom poly mailer bags in the USA, you can convey useful information about your product, service, and business easily and personalize the experience of your consumers. Here are some of the greatest benefits of using custom poly mailers:

custom poly mailer bags

What is a poly mailer?

Poly mailers are quite widely used as an e-commerce shipping choice. These are technically called “polyethylene mailers,” and are weather-proof, easy-to-send, lightweight packages generally used as a shipping option for rigid cardboard containers. 

Poly mailers are self-sealing, even flexible, and excellent for shipping all kinds of materials. They provide substantial protection against moisture, dirt, tampering, and dust, to make sure that your items reach the doorstep of your customers secure and intact.

custom poly mailer bags

What are poly mailer bags wholesale NYC used for?

Poly mailers are used for packaging and shipping various materials. These are cost-effective options for other kinds of packaging choices. It offers similar protection to other alternatives particularly non-fragile items and soft goods such as clothes. 

Of course, as poly mailers do not offer similar protection as compared to a box, it is generally better to place the items inside a poly mailer if they are not very fragile.

custom poly mailer bags

Are poly mailers recyclable?

Poly mailers are completely recyclable. USA Poly Mailer Bags Manufacturers design them from completely eco-friendly materials such as 100% polyethylene material. Poly mailers are identified using a recycling code 4. 

This symbol is generally printed on the poly mailer bags. Most local community and government-run recycling centers recognize code 4 as a completely safe kind of plastic.

custom poly mailer bags

Reasons to Ship with Poly Mailers

Here are some reasons to ship your products with poly mailers as compared to other alternatives:

custom poly mailer bags


One of the greatest advantages of using poly mailers for your business is their affordability. Even though cardboard boxes that are a similar size could generally be quite costly, even once you buy them in bulk. However, you can purchase poly mailers typically at just about one-hundredth of the cost when you purchase them in bulk.

custom poly mailer bags


If you are using cardboard boxes for your business, they may end up taking a lot of space even when they are collapsed. On the other hand, poly mailers hardly take up any space. 

Once you start rushing to pack and start laying the materials out, your assembled boxes could end up cluttering your warehouse. This can even turn your workspace into an irksome obstacle route. Poly mailers can easily stack nicely and you don’t need to assemble them. Hence you can be done with packaging much more quickly.

custom poly mailer bags

Popular and commonly used

Poly mailers are very economical and this is the reason behind their popularity. Big conglomerates such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon use poly mailers to ship their products which only talks about how common they are. Since poly mailers are very commonly used, you don’t need to worry about obtaining these for your business.

custom poly mailer bags

Easily customizable 

Poly mailers are extremely easy to customize. You can use custom poly mailers to enhance the experience of your customers. You can use these to personalize the shopping experience. 

With custom poly mailers, you can enhance your branding strategy considerably. The prices for custom poly mailers are even substantially less than using custom boxes and are extremely easy to design.

custom poly mailer bags

Some Myths about Poly Mailers

Just as with most products, many myths are revolving around poly mailers that can impart false information and misinform you. If you do not know the truth behind these myths, you may end up making a misinformed choice. Here are some of the most common myths that revolve around poly mailers:

custom poly mailer bags

Poly mailers are not recyclable 

A lot of people believe that poly mailers are not recyclable and shy away from using them by believing that they are contributing to plastic waste. However, the fact is that poly mailers are completely recyclable once done correctly. 

You need to just make sure that when you are recycling your poly mailers, they are completely dry, clean, and don’t contain any adhesive labels that may hamper the process.

custom poly mailer bags

You cannot customize poly mailers easily 

Using custom poly mailers is much more than just a simple task, it is an investment worthy of your time and energy. 

When you use custom poly mailers for a long time, customer satisfaction, returns, free advertising, and effective branding can pay for themselves. The only thing you need to figure out when you design custom poly mailers is how you want yours to look and the rest would be taken care of.

custom poly mailer bags

Are Custom Poly Mailer Bags USA the Right Pick for Your Business?

Here are some factors to help you determine if custom poly mailers are right for your business:

custom poly mailer bags

First impressions can make all the difference 

With custom poly mailers, your package is much more than just a mail once the shipment gets delivered. With online shopping getting very popular these days, it’s essential to make sure that your customers get an identical shopping experience online to that of a traditional store. 

By prioritizing custom delivery, you are making a positive impression of your brand on your customers. Custom poly mailers aim to pique, engage and excite your customers about the product.

custom poly mailer bags

Variety of choices

With custom poly mailers, you can ensure that your packaging meets the distinct requirements of your products. You get infinite possibilities that offer your business a chance to impart an original brand identity that can help your customers connect with your company.

custom poly mailer bags

Delivery assurance

Custom poly mailer bags offer a level of security and protection suited to your requirements and you can be assured about your product being delivered securely to your customers. Custom poly mailers can withstand severe weather conditions.

custom poly mailer bags

Consistent branding

Beautiful packaging can help you in adding an element of excitement to your package. Your well-established brand can help you in distributing tangible goods in attractive packaging to your customers, and improve your client loyalty and value proposition. 

Custom poly mailers can help you in increasing confidence among your customers and create a unified brand. Custom poly mailers can match your brand and create a promising first impression.

custom poly mailer bags


When you use custom boxes to ship your products, the process can seem a bit cumbersome and is not constantly cost-effective. When you are shipping non-fragile items in bulky big boxes, you may be opening yourself up to a lot more hassle than required. 

If you are running an e-commerce shipping business, you need to cut costs while promoting your branding and marketing strategy whenever possible. 

One efficient way to cut costs while getting more exposure for your business is to reduce your high packaging costs by using custom poly mailers. Poly mailer bags wholesale NYC provides an excellent and affordable alternative to traditional packaging and also takes up much less space and is easier to ship and pack.

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