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Cuddle Comfort Applications Prove Popular (But Be Safe Out There)

Cuddle comfort apps are causing a buzz right now with their surge in popularity.
Innovative new websites and mobile cuddle comfort applications are connecting professional cuddlers with individuals looking to improve their overall wellbeing.

Taking part in cuddle comfort sessions is linked with reducing stress levels and bettering social interactions with those around you.

But there are essential security considerations to bear in mind when using these types of apps.

Private information is shared with any apps or websites that users register with, and this can include credit card details or other payment information. Because of the personal nature of these platforms, if hackers were to get hold of this information it could potentially be very troublesome for the users.

There are also safety concerns in that someone could try and discover the identity of users who wish to stay anonymous.

It has therefore been recommended, by the newly launched CuddleSafety blog, to take the additional step of using a trusted VPN connection when accessing a professional cuddle application or website.

This is to remain anonymous, protect payment information and personal data, and to scan sites & apps for potential harmful viruses or malware.

See the CuddleSafety Recommendation for Being Safe & Anonymous

These security tips all come together as part of the overall step-by-step process that users can use to take advantage of the new technological development in these cuddle comfort apps:

  1. Take the optional, but recommended, first step of connecting via a trusted VPN service provider for security and anonymity purposes.
  2. Register with your chosen cuddle comfort platform using the website or app. This can usually be done for free by entering in your email address and choosing a password. It is worth considering using a new private email specific for cuddle comfort apps for privacy purposes.
  3. Search for and filter professional cuddlers in your local geographical area.
  4.     Review profiles and do your own due diligence before contacting another user. Look at reviews from other users and do some additional online searching to check that the chosen therapist is highly reputable.

The benefits provided by using VPN services are not specific to professional cuddling websites, but also to general internet use whether it be video streaming, gaming, social media, or general interest blogs.

Any website that requires you to create an account will be storing your personal data and payment details. If one of these platforms were to be hacked, then this private information could be exposed.

Websites that are free do not have the risk factor of comprising your credit card details, but you still need to be aware of what data about you that the site still has.

You need to create a username and password to sign-up to even free websites. Therefore, it is important not to use the same password across multiple different websites. If one platform is hacked, then the hacker could try your same username/password combination of lots of different popular platforms.

The blocking intrusive advertising and ad-tracking code is also a popular feature of modern data virus checker and VPN services.

By storing metadata of the type of websites you visit, advertisers can develop a user profile of you to tailor specific ads that follow you around the internet. This can be a nuisance especially if you want to keep your browsing of specific websites private and anonymous.

Another thing to be aware of is to follow the terms of the app that you use. There have been reports of some people being banned from cuddle comfort therapy apps because they tried to take bookings privately outside of the platform.

The reason for the blocking of cuddle comfort websites for certain users that organize privately is that the platform is not getting credit for paid bookings that are made outside the platform. That is how they monetize the service so they will lose out if someone uses the app just to find new clients and then takes all bookings after the first session by private means.

It is also recommended to always organize sessions via the official app for safety purposes as they will have their own vetting and security procedures in place.

With new technology apps and website platforms always popping-up it can be hard to know which platforms to trust. It is therefore always a good idea to have some threat protection features continuously running to look out for viruses and malware within the websites themselves as well as any files that are to be downloaded from them.

Users looking to take advantage of cuddling for comfort will also be able to benefit from VPN services when using social media platforms, video streaming sites, and general online shopping and browsing.

Readers can gain access to a trusted VPN service for safe and anonymous use of cuddle comfort websites by visiting and looking at their top recommendation.

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