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What is it like to be a criminal defense lawyer?

Criminal law is the most thought-provoking and thrilling branch of law. From the get-go, a law school with this course invites you to a dark yet a necessary world to deal with. From heinous crimes like serial killing to trivial ones like breaking a road rule, there’s a lot the criminal world holds. 

Although theoretically, it is exhilarating, the real world is far more. As a practicing criminal defense lawyer, you certainly get to see a lot in your years of practice.

What is a criminal defense lawyer?

A professional like Farid Zamani Lawyer is a real-life example of lawyers dealing with crimes and trials. A criminal lawyer is an attorney that has majored in criminal law or handles criminal cases. 

Furthermore, a criminal defense lawyer is an attorney that is on the defense side. Thus, they fight cases to defend individuals who have committed or were accused of a crime. 

Life as a criminal defense lawyer is tough; there are a lot of highs and lows, but it’s completely worth it in the end. Here is what it’s like to be a criminal defense lawyer.

Complete satisfaction

When top lawyers were interviewed about why they opted for the field, their answers added up to this point. As a lawyer, you already have a mindset to deal with cases of people that are being wronged. But as a criminal defense lawyer, you get to stand beside those that are not only wrongly accused but are accused of a major crime that can potentially land them in life long imprisonment, or worse. 

Getting a chance to represent those individuals, collect evidence for their sake and get them proven innocent is one of the best feelings in the world. Even if a crime is committed, most people are remorseful, and it’s the job of their lawyer to give them another chance to lead a better life, and decreasing sentences can be just what they need. At the end of the day, you will certainly be glad of the profession you have as a criminal defense attorney.

Broad exposure

As a criminal defense lawyer, you will likely be exposed to many settings. Since crime deals with so many spots and characters, you will counter criminals and innocent individuals. You also have to be in touch with the local police stations or bigger agencies to deal with such cases. From inspectors to investigators, you will see a lot of individuals.

You may also have to deal with witnesses in the case, their statements, evaluation of evidence in different settings such as the crime scene and the labs. This will let you have exporsure to so many departments and fields and is a great learning opportunity throughout life.

Witnessing the dark sides of the system

Unfortunately, another thing criminals defense lawyers have to witness is the dark side of our system. This means dealing with lying witnesses, or police officers to corrupt higher authorities. 

It will also show you how the system can place an innocent person behind bars with the lightest of proof, and you might not be able to do much for them. This may be a downside and demotivation for some, but this should be taken as an opportunity to learn and change the system for the better.

Final thoughts

As a criminal defense lawyer, there are many things one has to deal with. From bulk cases to heavy investigation to find the truth. Nonetheless, it is a career that promotes mental satisfaction and both the thrill and will to do something in this life. If you think this is what you want from life and aren’t afraid to put in an effort, this field is for you.

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