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Cosmetic Boxes and their Upcycling – Trending Globally

Cosmetic packaging and its production can be tricky. Because they need to be water-resistant, protective and have a shelf-life. To protect from heat and temperature, it is made from hard cardboard and strong lamination is done afterwards. This packaging is a need of every brand whether it’s the cosmetic industry, textile, or even pharmaceutical. 

This packaging, after the use of the product, goes in vain. As a result, these unnecessary Cosmetic Boxes materials become the biggest pollutant on earth. And with the ongoing demand for cosmetic boxes, they increase day by day. Most of the cosmetic industries are now opting for sustainable packaging which can be recycled for future use.

Facts About Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic industry is the second-largest industry in the world. Cosmetic boxes are made globally and hence it’s also made on a huge scale. Many beauty brands face difficulty in getting rid of the packaging. Researches have shown that 151 Billion packaging pieces are made annually. 

This shows how vast this industry is. Moreover, sometimes these packaging’s are mixed with plastics and non-recyclable materials. This makes it impossible for recycling and thus acts as a land pollutant.

How Recycling can be Done Innovatively

Although we cannot get rid of all the packaging coming from the cosmetic industry. Yet, there are some innovative ways in which one can recycle and reuse these boxes. As we can see industries are not only recycling these boxes but opting for more sustainable ways to reduce waste, like, OBT Packaging is the most reliable source to get eco-friendly packaging. 

Packaging’s remain intact after they are opened and can be recycled in many innovative ways. There are many ways through which packaging and boxes can be upcycled artistically and eco-minded. These ways are mentioned below:

Pack another Good

Once packaging is opened it is of no use formerly. But nowadays single-use is not the option. Recycling through machines can be a tough job and it requires energy. As packaging does not crumple or decompose suddenly. So, they can be used in packing other goods. In other ways, packaging can make any cosmetic accessory live long. 

After using the cosmetic one can also repack it. It will protect the cosmetic from humidity and damage, also, it can be used for more time. Furthermore, some packaging cannot be recycled due to unsustainable additions of another material in it such as Soap Boxes. These boxes are super harmful to compost or they may require a huge amount of energy and fuel for their recycling. So, repacking is the best option for this.

For example: – Makeup boxes and display boxes are spacious as compared to lipsticks and candle boxes. So, these boxes can be used for the storage of jewellery and can be turned into needle boxes.

Recycling through Machines

Another innovative way to recycle soapboxes and cosmetic boxes is to run them through the plant. Recycling plants are now part of most companies. It is a long tiring process yet it yields products that can be used again. In the recycling plants, the waste packaging is being run where they are crushed into fine pieces. 

After it is crushed the next step is adding water which turns the paper into the pulp stage. This pulp is treated with a surfactant that removes the ink and bleach is added to make it look brighter. After its cleaning, the water is removed and the remaining is turned into long sheets of paper. These papers can be used to make paper, toilet rolls, cardboard paper, and many more.

The economic importance of this recycling procedure is to use the packaging again and again. In these modern times where the world promotes nature-friendly ways to keep the mother earth clean, recycling is a lifesaver and can reduce the use of excess raw materials.

Decoration and Gift Boxes

Whether it’s cosmetic boxes or custom gift boxes, they are made from hard material. This means that they cannot get dirty or go useless just after they are opened. They can be used in decorations such as crafts or can be cropped to use as balloon filler, party popper fillings. 

Moreover, gift boxes once used can be covered with some fancy sheets and accessories to use again. Also keeping these boxes can never go in vain. Because they can come in handy.

If we reuse these boxes it will help in cutting down a million kilograms of annual waste material globally. It is the responsibility of each person to give their share in keeping the earth clean and speaking up in favour of sustainable packaging.

Cardboard Cosmetic Boxes as a Fertilizer

Adding cardboard to the soil improves organic content in it, improving one’s greenery drainage and making it rich in nutrient levels, rejuvenating a nutrient-rich layer of worm castings–free fertilizer! 

Few pieces of cardboard left in the moist soil for a season make the grass grow in a healthy environment and weeds, creating a ready-made garden plot, no adding expensive fertilizers required. It’s free, and you’ll feel good about reusing a product that may otherwise go to waste.

Cardboard adds valuable nutrients to the plants such as nitrogen’s and carbon. Nitrogen prevents plants from necrosis and gives lush green colour to the grass. Moreover, it helps in suppressing weedicides and elevates the quality of the soil. Lastly, soil decomposes the cardboard organically and naturally instead of going waste into the environment.

Earn Some Money Through It

Most people already know that packaging materials used in custom gift boxes and cosmetic boxes may be returned to the shop in exchange for low compensation. Many large grocery stores around the globe can pay to require this back for recycling purposes. 

Therefore, if you do not have a use for the leftover wrappings left at the reception, you’ll simply return them to the shop for recycling purposes and even obtain them. By doing so, you’ll significantly reduce your impact on the environment. Moreover, they recycle these packages to use them organically.

Benefits of Recycling (Cosmetics and Gift Boxes)

  • Recycling can be economical because it helps in using the same product again and saves excess money. Soap boxes are of no proper use once it’s used. Therefore, it is better to decompose it to make other recycled goods.
  • It helps in creating a good image, as people are nowadays preferring more eco-friendly products. They will like the company more and add a competitive advantage.
  • It also helps in creating word of mouth. In these social media times, people prefer reviews and then trust the brand. Recycling quality can bring new customers to the brand.
  • It also helps in conserving resources and preventing waste material.

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