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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes And How To Avoid Them 

Carpets add a lot of beauty and comfort to your place.  They come in multiple colors and designs. However, maintaining them is a big deal. 

Cleaning the carpet yourself might cause major mistakes leading to damage to the carpet. Therefore many people prefer hiring a professional cleaning service as the best option. 

One can get professional cleaners to come and get them cleaned. If you’re cleaning a carpet yourself, read out this blog to learn common carpet cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure hassle-free cleaning without causing any damage to your carpet.

Eight common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid – 

  • Relying completely on DIY cleaning methods –

Using DIY cleaning methods every time might not give the best results. There are chances that you might damage the carpet while using chemicals to clean it. 

Therefore it is far much better to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Professionals are well trained and experienced and so clean and maintain your carpets without causing any harm to them.

  • Using the wrong carpet cleaning equipment – 

Even if you stick to using the DIY cleaning methods, you might choose the wrong carpet cleaning equipment which can lead to poor fabric, patchiness, and much more of the carpet. 

The damage caused by the equipment is irreversible. In the long run, using cheap equipment when cleaning your carpets will not save you money. Therefore, hire a professional as they use the latest tools and techniques to clean the carpets.

  • Scrubbing instead of blotting – 

You are never supposed to scrub the stain as it might spread more and even cause damage to your carpet. The color and design of the carpet might fade away and the fabrics may get torn out. Therefore, instead of scrubbing the stain, blot it using a clean cloth.

  • Overusing carpet deodorizers – 

Scented spray or utilizing inexpensive powder deodorizers may seem like profitable solutions when you need a fast cure, but they are damaging. Over time, they may do a lot of harm to your carpets. 

Instead of a clean carpet, they provide it to you looking filthy and unappealing. Use steamers because they are highly effective at swiftly eliminating stains and smells! You will still need to clean the rug with good soap and water, but this is a much better option than deodorizers.

  • Using harsh chemicals – 

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your carpet while utilizing DIY cleaning techniques by making your cleaning solution. While there are tons of renowned carpet cleaning products on the market, some of them use harsh chemicals that can produce toxic fumes that can be harmful. 

Always read the labels before trying to treat a stain. If you’re still unsure, you can always choose the services of a professional carpet cleaning company that knows which products work best. 

  • Not testing solutions – 

Even if you use homemade cleaning solutions, make sure to test them before using them. Not testing the cleaning solutions will lead to damage. 

First, try cleaning a small patch that is not much visible and if everything goes well, try the solution on the whole carpet. This trial is because if in case some opposite reaction occurs, it might damage the color and fabric of the whole carpet.

  • Not cleaning stains immediately – 

If there is an accidental spill, clean out the stain immediately. When you do not clean the stains right away, they dry up and cause wear and tear in the fabrics of the carpet, and then it becomes more difficult to remove them. 

You should hire a professional who will look after its cleaning and also clean out the spills which remained unnoticed.

  • Over-wetting the carpet – 

Overwetting means soaking the carpet way too much while cleaning and not drying it adequately later. Using too much water can not only lead to damage to the adhesive that holds the rug but also causes mold to grow and blacken over time. 

Getting the top fibers overly wet can also be damaging, especially for natural fibers like wool. This can lead to discoloration. Instead, use a well-wrung-out cloth or sponge to clean carpets. If there’s water dripping from your cloth or sponge, it’s too wet. If you accidentally get the carpet too wet, blot the area with a dry or paper towel.

Conclusion – 

Carpets cost a lot of money, so cleaning and maintaining them is mandatory. It requires thought and consideration if you want to maintain your unique and expensive carpet. Remember these points before performing any carpet cleaning activity.

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