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Warm hair colors are most necessary this season. Why not wear a wig? What shade looks like fabulous, fiery, lush warmth? Try and dye a ginger wig at home!

How to color ginger wigs at home?

Is it correct to say that your brown or dark hair is exhausted? Do you have to change people’s impression of you by changing your hair color? Warm hair color is most necessary this season. Why not wear a wig at home? What shade looks like fabulous, fiery, lush warmth? You can follow this pattern, if you go for ginger-dyed human hair, then you can enjoy good times.

The best human hair wigs can be dyed just like your own hair. This doesn’t just mean that you can make other changes based on your personality, regardless of your hair color. When you buy a high-quality real human hair wig, you should use a reasonable drying strategy to pull the hair out. Currently, Onemorehair has written this manual to help you remove dust from your wig. You can enjoy the fun of DIY hair color without anyone else, just follow these methods carefully. If you want your old hairline cut wig to be full of life, you may have considered dusting the wig.

To be honest, coloring a wig is a simple task. Since black wig colors are expensive or damage the scalp, learning them can save you a lot of money, so to find out how to color ginger wigs at home, you can choose the right hair cream yourself, save money and be trustworthy.

Wearing a wig

The commonly implemented hair coloring technique is to apply a cream dye directly to the wig with a color brush or by hand. This is basically the same way to dye normal hair in a salon and it gives you more power over colored hair. However, on the other hand, it can be tedious, especially if you are trying to dye the entire wig in a progressive shade.

What tools do you need?

Color Brush: Apply hair color evenly on hair.

Wide Toothbrush – Softens cropped wigs and human hair.

Color: you can choose the brand you like the most.

Dyes: Blend the first dye on the wig so it can be dyed better.

Mixing Container: Mix the colors into the tint you need.

Gloves: protect your hands from stains.

Best Human Hair Wig: Choosing the best human hair wig is a major reason to kick wigs effectively.

Towel: When you finish each piece, dry your wig.

How to dye a ginger wig step by step?

The first scenario:

The most important thing is to change the comparison amount indicated on the ginger hair cream you purchased. These colors have a corresponding grade, and various items have varying abilities, so I won’t say more here. I would like to say that there are some important points to make.

When mixing, the longer the mixing time, the better the color effect, but the total time is about 20 minutes.

After mixing is complete, try leaving it for a period of time. The reason is that the creditworthiness will increase this time and the effect will be significantly better.

Second stage:

After adjusting the turmeric hair dye cream, you can start comparing the dyeing steps below:

Most importantly, ii must wash his virgin human hair wig first to create delicate hair. You can dry it slightly after washing.

Second, use the hair color brush to brush from the bottom up. This type of interaction is suitable for the space and power you need to paint, but be sure to paint evenly.

Again, after brushing, take a break. Based on my personal knowledge, I generally don’t want to put the radiator on my head to hasten death, because the human hair wig tape is very scary, so it is stipulated to dry normally.

The third phase:

After your hair is basically dry (most of this time is about 30 minutes), you can basically start washing your wig. Make sure to apply conditioner before washing your hair, so that it is not easy to damage it. Because the ginger hair color is now attached to the outer side of the hair after dyeing, it is not difficult to directly damage it.

Record it and you can start cleaning. Make sure to use lukewarm water when cleaning. After washing once, rinse with a facial cleanser until the water turns dark. Now you can check if the shade of your human hair wig has become outstanding. In addition, this strategy can also be applied to other shades of your coloring.


Pay attention to the hair dyeing brushing cycle, try not to apply hair dye cream to the skin, so that it is not difficult to clean. If it is not too far, you can use banana water to clean it.

After dyeing your wig with ginger, you need to make sure that you do your best not to wash your hair again for 2 days.

The best ginger wig is recommended for you

If you want a different look, the ginger wig is basically what you’ve been looking for.

If you need a better display and need to protect your unique hair, we recommend that you try to wear partial lace wigs for human hair. It can protect your own hair well and can be easily removed or tucked in according to your mood.

Onemorehair offers the best real-life wigs in various shades and styles; All items are made of 100% pure human hair.

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