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How easy is it to start using cryptocurrency? What countries accept it? Grab a pen and take notes as you learn these Coinbase facts and more!

3 Facts About Coinbase

Crypto’s visibility as an investment vehicle has been steadily growing in recent years, with the digital asset becoming a legitimate factor in the global economic system. However, many people still don’t know much about crypto investing, despite having an interest in learning more. 

In order to purchase crypto, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency exchange platform to purchase tokens. There are a lot of exchanges out there, each with different benefits and drawbacks, so it can be hard to know which is best for helping you reach your financial goals. If you want to learn more about one of the top exchanges out there, read on for three facts about Coinbase.

facts about coinbase

1. You can use Coinbase all over the world.

In a global economy where many people travel, live, and work in different places all over the world, you want an exchange that will allow you to keep trading when you travel. Whether you’re in Toronto for the weekend and need Coinbase Canada or you’re in any of the other 29 countries where Coinbase operates, you’ll always be able to buy, sell, and trade your digital assets. 

Its reputation for security is impeccable, so no matter where you are, you can trust that your assets are well-protected. Their mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) is another useful safeguard for anyone who wants to avoid bad actors accessing their accounts.

facts about coinbase

2. Coinbase’s platform is beginner-friendly.

There are a lot of different crypto exchanges out there, and it can be hard to tell which one is best suited for your investment needs. Coinbase’s ease of use is one of the biggest advantages of the exchange, especially for those without much experience in cryptocurrency. 

Their premium service, Coinbase Pro, also has advanced options for those who have a little more familiarity with the market, but you can get your investment journey started easily using the free version of their app. 

As you learn more, you can upgrade and start to diversify your portfolio. Their customer service is also well regarded, making it simple for you to ask questions and get help with any problems you encounter when using the exchange.

facts about coinbase

3. The exchange offers dozens of different cryptocurrencies.

Most exchanges sell the most popular currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are hundreds of different types of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase sells over 40 of them, and they add new digital assets for purchase all the time. 

Experienced crypto investors often use a combination of altcoins and stablecoins to build their crypto portfolio, so it’s a good idea to utilize an exchange that gives you plenty of options for what tokens to purchase.

It’s important to use an exchange that stays up to date on the latest digital assets. The crypto world can evolve quickly, with new investment opportunities appearing on a regular basis.

facts about coinbase

For example, the NFT market has grown considerably in just a few short months. Though NFTs are sold through a different platform, their profitability and popularity are a great example of how quickly the investment landscape can change and how necessary it is to keep looking for new assets that have the potential to appreciate significantly in value in the future.

There’s a lot to learn about crypto, but being informed before you invest is essential. Understanding the assets you own is a big part of investment strategy and will help you learn and make better decisions. 

Given that cryptocurrency seems likely to remain popular for some time, with new digital assets being introduced on a regular basis, now is the perfect time to start learning more about crypto.

facts about coinbase

When you need to decide between exchanges, beginners should consider using Coinbase. With a user-friendly interface, elite security features, and responsive customer service, it’s the perfect platform to help you get started.

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