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Coffee is considered the second most famous drink in the world and is a good energy booster. Is South Indian filter coffee better than cappuccinos?

Cappuccino and South Indian Filter Coffee – What is the difference?

Coffee lovers never want to miss out on their everyday cup of coffee! And there are many reasons for it. Coffee is considered the second most famous drink in the world and is a good energy booster. Ask any coffee connoisseurs about this, and they will agree to it. Additionally, they will also list some fantastic benefits of drinking coffee.

According to several research and studies, coffee is a fantastic source of valuable nutrients like magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin B3 and B2. Medical studies highlight that drinking coffee in moderation can help bring down the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

That’s not all! It can also protect you from cardiovascular and liver diseases. Other medical studies prove coffee helps boost your metabolic rate, which enables you to burn fat fast. 

The different types of coffee available

Since coffee is famous all over the globe, there are many coffee types that you can come across. The most prominent type includes the regular Cappuccino and the South Indian filter coffee. The other kinds of coffee that are available fall under the category of espresso. The espresso coffee gets made with boiling and steeping under pressure. On the other hand, the filter coffee gets made using a filter or brewing machine. 

The Cappuccino

If you study carefully, you will find that espresso coffee is a famous coffee type. Also, based on your taste level, this coffee gets the name Latte, Café Mocha, Frappe, and Cappuccino. 

And from all the prominent names, it’s Cappuccino that is most popular and is easy to make. The term “Cappuccino” is originally an Italian word, which means “little cap”. The conventional Cappuccino gets made by adding one or two espresso shots along with a frothy milk layer. The process is simple, and your Cappuccino will get made within very little time, and you can enjoy your drink. 

The South Indian filter coffee

Conventionally, the filter coffee gets made by brewing it in the filter machine. But brewing the South Indian filter coffee is categorically different. Also, its taste gets based on the way you brewed the coffee. Usually, it is available in two types, namely the paper filter and the gold coffee. 

It is also called degree coffee and filter kaapi. This coffee gets made in a filter that comprises two cylindrical vessels. And inside this filter, the vessel on the top gets used for the perforations, and the lower vessel gets used for collecting the brewed coffee that gets made when you add water to roasted coffee power. 

The overall time taken for brewing is between ten and twelve minutes. And the moment the coffee decoction gets ready, you can boil the milk inside a pan and then add sugar to the cup. The ratio of coffee and milk usually depends on your preference. You can adjust it based on how strong or light you like your coffee. 

Understanding the difference

Both filter coffee and Cappuccino are very different from one another in several ways. The mechanisms for brewing both these coffee types are also distinctive. 

While on the one hand, Cappuccino uses the pressurised version of a coffee machine that takes about two to three minutes to prepare the coffee; on the other hand, filter coffee takes time. It gets made using a standard coffee machine which needs about twelve minutes of preparation time. 

The other crucial difference is the way Cappuccino looks. Here, the coffee decoction gets mixed relatively smoothly and has the frothy steamed milk right on the top. When it comes to the filter coffee, there is no frothy or creamy top. 

You add the boiled milk to the coffee decoction along with the sugar-based on your taste. Also, when it comes to taste, filter coffee is considered less acidic than Cappuccino and has a subtle coffee flavour. 

Which one is a better option?

It is an essential question that most coffee lovers have to ask. However, the answer for this is something that you need to decipher for yourself. And the key to the answer is based on your taste and preference. Having said that, the coffee-making process is highly calming for several people. 

If you prefer to experience an authentic flavour of coffee, then filter coffee is the ideal choice for you. Today, you can count on several online providers to choose the best filter coffee mix so that you can relish the original taste. 

On the other hand, if you want to taste something fancy and tasteful, you can opt-in for Cappuccino. Finally, the taste of your coffee depends on the coffee beans quality and how it gets roasted. That aside, the coffee beans origin also matters enormously to get the natural flavour of the coffee. Last but not least, if you aim to capitalise on the benefits of coffee, you can count on the simple filter coffee for daily consumption. 

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