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Ready for your first ever night out? Let us share some tips for a safe clubbing night experience with you.

First Time clubbing experience: 7 tips for a safe night out

First Time syndrome is really a thing. 

I remember when I first had my taste of dance clubs. Never thought it was anything special, so I went like it was any other party. Then reality set in on me at around 3 A.M. when some guy decided to be ‘hyper’ and spilled a cup full of tequila on my joggers. 

To cut a horrible story short, my friends did everything they could to get the stench off me, but they couldn’t. So I had to get off the floor, stay close to the heater to get dried and wait for morning so I could run home and get changed.

What’s the lesson in this, you wonder? Well, the lesson is to never ‘loose guard’ in dance bars. Or if you must, make sure you have a backup plan – backup clothing, backup cash (in case you spill someone’s drink), backup everything.

Not to say too much, let me share some tips for a safe clubbing night experience with you.

First Time clubbing experience: 7 tips for a safe night out

  • Never go alone

It is very crucial for your first-time clubbing experience that you come with at least one person. If possible, make sure it’s your BFF. It is very important.

If not for anything, at least so that you guys can look out for each other. 

The fact is clubbing at a dance bar means you’re going to be meeting and vibing with a lot of strangers – people you’ve never seen before in your life. 

To ensure your safety and to not feel completely out of place, it’s always a good idea to come with a known face. Someone to chat with, share laughs with, gossip with, and do everything with.

  • Subscribe to a ‘guest list’

As a first time club goer, you’re probably going to assume everything you need for the night is always going to be available. But you’ll be shocked to hear that that wine you want just finished.

Clubs run out of drinks for the night. In fact, this happens on nights when the club is banging full.

To prevent this kind of situation, you should sign up to their guest list beforehand. A guest list is a type of membership slot that affords club visitors special privileges for the night.

Privileges could vary from skip-the-queue entry admission to exclusive wine access, discounted purchases to free drinks, VIP section reservation to free night accommodation, etc.

To get into a club’s guest list, you might need to speak with the club manager before the night or leverage any solid connections you have to those who own or run the club.

Another idea is to search on Google or social media for a club’s guest list.

  • Reserve a table

If you don’t have access to a guest list or don’t even fancy one, you can simply order for a table reservation.

A table reservation allows you access to exclusive sections of the dance bar before anybody else, so that regardless of arrival time, you can always walk in and take your seat.

  • Make preparations for your dinner

Although eating may not be part of the reasons you’re going to a club, it’s not impossible to suddenly feel a sharp bite of hunger as the night proceeds.

As such, you should make plans for your dinner for the night. Dinner could be before you walk into the dance or even while clubbing. It doesn’t really matter.

For situations where your club is situated in an unfamiliar environment, you can use an online search tool like Nice Local to find the best restaurant near me for dinner

  • Dress to kill; but don’t kill yourself

A clubhouse is not a place to dress officially. You are not going for an interview or going to resume office. You’re going to dance and vibe. Therefore, you need to dress like what you’re going to do.

Depending on the nature of the club or what you plan for the night, sneakers or flats may be ok. But if you’re planning a high-end night or if the club is a classy one, you may have to go more sophisticated than that.

In any case, always check the website of the house before going to see if they usually state a dress code or if they have one specially chosen for the night.

Finally, ensure you wear what’s comfortable to avoid tiring yourself out or feeling uncomfortable after the dances.

  • Wear the perfect makeup

This one is for the ladies. Some people prefer to club without their face made up, but if you’re the type who loves to wear your makeup everywhere you go, be sure to be careful with your selection.

Most seasoned club geeks advise to wear something that’s a little bit waterproof or basically any makeup that can last long. The reason is because you’re expected to sweat a lot from all the dancing and walking. So to protect your face from looking all messed up, you should go with waterproof makeup.

  • Come with the right essentials

You don’t come to a clubhouse empty-handed. You have to pack the right stuff because you never know when they might come in handy.

Amongst a list of things to come with include:

    • ID: for most clubs, you’ll need to show your ID before you’re granted entry. Don’t just go if you don’t have one to avoid embarrassment 
    • Credit or debit cards: Don’t be one of those guys who flaunt their hundred dollar bill in the club. The big boys come with the credit or debit cards.
  • Phone: Clearly, you need to come with your phone. But don’t bring other gadgets like digital cameras, VR headset, and the likes, as you may not be allowed to enter with them. 
  • Few toiletries: Remember the experience I narrated at the beginning of this post? Always prepare for the worst by bringing along some needed toiletries.

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