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What are clip-in hair extensions? If you haven't tried clip-in hair extensions before, here are 10 reasons why you should level up your hair with them now!

10 Reasons to Buy a Clip-In Hair Extensions

What are clip-in hair extensions? Clip-in hair extensions are weaves with small multiple metal/rubber clips attached to their base. Many people agree that clip-ins are the least damaging of all extension types to a person’s natural hair. If you haven’t tried clip-in extensions before, here are 10 reasons you should:

Easy to Fix

Unlike some other hair extensions, clip-ins are easy to fix and do not take much styling time. Just clip to your flat cornrows and go, yes, it’s that easy. It is also just as easy to take out. Just snap open the clips and out it goes. This hair extension is especially suitable for people who do not like to spend too much time styling hair extensions.

Fits Your Budget

Clip-in hair extensions can come in either virgin human hair or synthetic (premium fibre) hair. If you are someone who likes to spend plenty of money on quality human hair, clip-in extensions such as the Kinky Coily Clip-ins meet your standard. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants something affordable yet not too pricey, the Faux Naturale Clip-ins fits right in with your budget.

Easy to Maintain

Whether they are made of virgin human hair or synthetic hair, clip-in hair extensions are easy to maintain. With human hair clip-ins like the Kinky Curly Clip-ins, all you need for styling is your leave-in conditioner and water mix. To comb, you can use your hands or your Denman brush. Furthermore, you can wash the hair with conditioner and air dry after 10 – 15 wears. Nothing complicated.

With clip-ins made of synthetic hair, all you need to maintain it is a spritz with water.

For All Occasions

Clip-in hair extensions are suitable for all occasions. Whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, a church, or an evening dinner with friends, you can wear your clip-ins out with pride.

Multiple Styling Options

Clip-in hair extensions come in various colors (red, wine, blue, gold, etc), and textures (coily, curly, afro kinky texture) which offer multiple styling options. For example, you can style the Afro Kinky Clip-Ins in twist-outs, braided twists, headwraps, ponytail styles, etc. Also, clip-ins made out of human hair extensions such as the Kinky Blow Out Clip-Ins can withstand heat-styling tools such as curling irons and blow dryers.

An Untraceable lend

Clip-in hair extensions like the Kinky Coily Clip-Ins help to create an untraceable blend with your natural hair. This helps to give your hair a fuller look.

No Damage

The metal/rubber clips in clip-in hair extensions have a light but firm grip and so do not cause pressure on your natural hair. This way, when you take them out, you get very little to no breakage and zero damage to your natural hair.

Protective Styling

Clip-in hair extensions are a great protective styling option. They protect your natural hair from breakage, thinning, shedding, and split ends that can be caused by constant manipulation. They also help to protect your natural hair from exposure to harsh weather conditions which may cause it to go dry.

Promote Hair Growth

Clip-in hair extensions help your natural hair to grow faster because wearing them reduces constant manipulation (from styling) on your natural hair. When you’re not constantly manipulating your natural hair, it does not break or experience any other hair damage. This way, your natural hair can grow.

They Are Temporary

Clip-in hair extensions can be worn at any time of the day/week. Unlike sewn-in hair, this one can be taken out anytime you want to.

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