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Regular carpet cleaning prolongs its life because well-maintained carpets last twice as long. Here's how you should clean your carpets.

The proper techniques for cleaning carpets at home

Regular carpet cleaning prolongs its life because well-maintained carpets last twice as long compared to poorly maintained ones. Clean carpets provide healthy indoor environments because the dust, dirt, and grime gathered inside carpets can pose various health problems. Clean and tidy homes look attractive and ensure a better quality of life.  

Carpet cleaning should be a part of the regular housekeeping routine. Vacuuming carpets will keep them clean by removing the loose dirt, dust, and soil and preventing its penetration into the deeper layers.  

Despite regular cleaning of carpets at home, professional carpet cleaning at least once a year is necessary to prolong the life of carpets. Knowing about the effective ways of cleaning carpets at home will keep carpets looking new and fresh for years and reduce the cost of annual carpet cleaning by some professional carpet cleaners that you can find at Fresh Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care serving all of Gresham.  

The damaging effects of dirt and dust on carpets

Dirt on the carpet surface constantly rubs against the carpet fibers as people walk across it. The sharp, abrasive particles damage the carpet fibers as the yarn gives away and produces tiny nicks in the fiber. Scratching the carpet fibers can make the carpet look dull as it loses the sheen, especially in areas that experience high footfall.  Over time, the constant grinding wears down the fibers and makes them susceptible to staining.  

Here are the ways of protecting your carpet from the harms of dirt accumulation.

Follow a routine for vacuuming carpets

Choose a powerful vacuum cleaner that can quickly remove the dirt from the surface of the fibers and even from some depth of the top surface by the power of the vacuum. Create a schedule for cleaning carpets by considering the placement area and the extent of traffic it handles. 

Weekly vacuuming of all carpets at least once a week is a must, and it should be at least twice a week in areas of high traffic.  Following the schedule will prevent soil build-up on carpets as wet soil will attract more dirt and grime if left unattended for a few days. Holding the vacuum at the right height is important to ensure proper cleaning without damaging the carpet fibers due to contact with the vacuum brush and rollers. 

Use a clean bag every time

Always use a fresh filter and bag in the vacuum cleaner to ensure that the force of the vacuum does not diminish due to the resistance of a partially filled bag and clogged filters.  If you are using a bagless vacuum cleaner, change the filters every three months and replace the bags when filled three fourths. 

Maintain the right vacuum speed

The effectiveness of cleaning depends on your judgment about adjusting the vacuuming speed by considering the kind of cleaning needed for a particular carpet area. Slow vacuuming ensures effective removal of dirt, and you can quickly pass over areas of low traffic. In high traffic areas, repeat the cleaning twice at the same slow speed. 

Using walk-off mats near the entrance will help to reduce the dirt load on carpets.

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