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Does your carpet need some serious deep cleaning? With the use of simple ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar, here's how to clean your carpet.

Our top tips for cleaning a carpet with baking soda and white vinegar

Nothing better than an updated rug. We give you all our great tips to clean, stain or deodorize your carpet. It’s super easy with baking soda and white vinegar. The rug is the decorative accessory that we often forget to clean or are reluctant to do. Too complicated, long, and tedious … Yet there are super effective and easy to perform methods to make it like new. We tell you everything about deep carpet cleaning.

Baking soda: the miracle solution to beat stains

Bicarbonate is a very powerful agent for getting rid of stains. Mix it with soap and cold water to make washing up liquid. Otherwise use it as a stain remover for your laundry or to deodorize the contents of your fridge. Just put a small cup of baking soda inside the fridge, stir it every now and then and change it every 3 months. 

In the bathroom, you can also use it to clean your bathtub, shower, taps or joints. Pair it with water and white vinegar for a clean bathroom. Finally, you can use baking soda to clean your carpets. Be careful not to use baking soda on silk or linen as this could damage these materials.

White vinegar: the perfect ally for cleaning everything

It’s used in a lot of our household cleaners and it’s not for just any reason. White vinegar is perfect for cleaning stains from certain fabrics or floors such as carpets. It also helps to get rid of limestone in your bathroom or kitchen. Use it also to shine dishes or degrease your pans or saucepans. It is the ultimate household product.

Our advice for cleaning your carpet with baking soda and white vinegar

Is your carpet stained and you do not know how to remove this stain as quickly as possible? We reveal all our super effective tips to say goodbye to stains. Before cleaning your carpet, test it on a small area to see how the materials in the carpet react. Some cleaners, even home cleaners, are not always popular.

The first thing to do is to vacuum your carpet quite often. This will remove a lot of the dust and keep your carpet from getting ragged. If your carpet has a small stain, you can clean it separately, otherwise, we advise you to clean it completely.

To get rid of your stains, lightly dust your carpet with baking soda and let your carpet sit for at least 4 hours. Vacuum again and admire the results. If the gentle method doesn’t work, you can use white vinegar. Mix it with a little washing-up liquid (ecological is better) and water. Gently dip a tea towel in it and dab the stain with it. Rub lightly with a brush and let dry.

If you want to give your carpet a youthful look and liven up its colors, use baking soda and sparkling water. Surprising, isn’t it? Combine 2 tbsp. of baking soda and 1 liter of sparkling water and pour some on your carpet. Scrub with a cloth or brush and let sit while the baking soda takes effect, then vacuum again.

Does your carpet no longer smell very good? Has your cat been where you dropped something and your carpet stinks now? We have the solution for you. Use Sommières soil with baking soda and essential oil. Fill a bag with Sommières soil and ⅔ baking soda. Then add 10 drops of lemon essential oil or any scent you prefer. Close the sachet and shake it to mix its contents well. 

Spray your carpet with this preparation and mainly on the stains if there are any. Leave on overnight. The next day, shake your carpet to get rid of a good part of the soil. Then vacuum and empty the bag or the tank of your vacuum cleaner directly, otherwise, it will be damaged. Take a deep breath. What freshness! However, if you feel that all this is going to be tiring, you can contact a professional carpet cleaning service.

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