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How to Clean Your House Fast: 3 Tips

Cleaning the house is not everyone’s favorite pastime, however, we all love a clean, fragrant, and de-cluttered space. As we are all busy with life and work, nobody has the time to spend an entire day cleaning the house. 

Learning efficient cleaning tips helps you quickly clean the house before the guests arrive. A dust-free home offers many health and wellness benefits as well as optimizes your home life and psyche. Hire house cleaning services ft collins.

3 Tips to Clean Your House Faster

With the right supplies and a cleaning schedule, a homeowner can minimize the time it takes to tidy the house from top to bottom. It is possible to clean the entire house in a few hours, however, novices do not know where to start and how it is done.

Follow these tips approved by professional cleaners to quickly clean your home.

Have a Cleaning System 

Speed-cleaning experts suggest having a cleaning system or routine to reduce the cleaning to a few hours. If you have a system or a method, follow the same order every time. 

Start by picking up the clutter like magazines, newspapers, sneakers, and other items, put the essential stuff in its designated place, and toss the trash out. Clean one room at a time, start from the top and work your way down, and clean left to right to not miss a spot.

You can develop your own cleaning system or routine, however it suits you, following a method helps you clean better instead of just hurrying. 

Clean The Windows and Mirrors

While cleaning the house, it is important to wipe the mirrors and windows. Oftentimes, you can not get shiny windows with just Windex and paper towels. Professionals recommend using a special weapon called a window squeegee for a streak-free finish.

Prepare a mixture of dish soap and water and apply it to the windows and mirrors generously using a sponge or cloth. Use the squeegee to wipe with long, vertical strokes. 

If not squeegee, use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for a beautiful shine. Wipe the windows with a cloth using horizontal strokes from top to bottom. Another DIY solution is to use

newspaper, however, it is not recommended as it may leave streaks.


When all the dusting is done, it is time to vacuum. Firstly, vacuum in a particular order to get the best results, start with vacuuming lamp shades followed by upholstered furniture, floor corner and edges, and hard floor. 

If the floor is really dirty, vacuuming alone would not be enough. Use a mop and bucket or a damp microfiber cloth to clean the stuck-on dirt. Depending on the flooring, adopt an appropriate cleaning method to remove dirt and debris.

Since the kitchen and bathroom are high-traffic areas, therefore, sweep the floor first and then mop. Start from the farthest corner and work your way towards the doorway, keep rinsing the doorway after covering a 4-by-4 feet area.

In Brief

Adopt a system and make cleaning a group activity encouraging other members of the family to join, assign tasks, and the house will be clean in no time. If you can’t finish it on your own, you can hire professional cleaners like Happy Home Cleaning Services that provide excellent workmanship for your home cleaning needs.

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