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Reasons Why You Need to Clean the Chimneys

Chimneys are one of the most critical components of any house, especially during the cold winter months. Therefore, if you need to ensure its functionality and boost the overall lifespan, you need to take proper steps to check the condition of the chimneys. You also need to clean and take adequate care of the chimneys to ensure that they are in top condition. 

But many homeowners don’t pay close attention to the cleaning and maintenance process of the chimneys. As a result, they end up degrading their lifespan. Remember that modern, high-quality chimneys don’t come cheap, and your investment will be wasted if you don’t clean them properly. Here are the reasons why you need to clean the chimneys properly. 

Protect Against Animals 

For some animals and birds, the chimneys are a huge attraction for them as they consider using them for their shelter purposes. Other animals can also fall into the chimneys accidentally. When you have animals in your chimneys, they will attract other harmful components such as leaves, debris, branches, and dirt. You can also find other fecal materials inside your chimneys when animals and birds use them as their shelter. 

If you don’t want to face any issues, you need to consider contacting Chimcare – a reputable chimney cleaning company serving all of Portland, so that the professionals can clean the chimneys of your house without any problem. Remember that birds and animals can also cause structural damage to your chimneys. Therefore, it’s essential to clean your chimneys as fast as possible. 

Improve the Efficiency of the Chimneys 

This is one of the most important reasons you need to thoroughly clean the chimneys of your house. When the chimney is dirty, it will produce less fire from the fireplace. This happens due to the creosote’s build-up as the chimney’s flue is strictly above the fireplace. You cannot remove this problem even by using some seasoned woods or ash beforehand. You will fail to witness any great fire due to this build-up. Hence, make sure you pay close attention to the care and maintenance process of the chimneys. When you prioritize the cleaning process of the chimneys, you will be able to boost their efficiency. Even if you cannot clean the chimneys regularly, make sure you contact professionals once in a couple of months. 

Reduce Carbon Monoxide Toxicity 

When the chimney is not cleaned properly, it will be clogged. As a result, the chimney won’t be able to vent effectively due to the build-up of dirt and debris. The air quality in your house will become very poor and can lead to carbon monoxide accumulation. This gas is extremely harmful and can cause nausea or other severe health problems such as heart and brain damage. Many people die due to overexposure to carbon monoxide from the chimneys. As per Mayo Clinic, carbon monoxide can lead to serious tissue damage. If you want to avoid such problems, you need to ensure you’re cleaning the chimneys effectively. But instead of completing this process on your own, make sure you contact professionals. 


These are the reasons you should clean the chimneys. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you let us know by commenting below. 

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