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Are you looking to upgrade your home and to modernize your bathroom along the way? Remodel your bathroom like a celebrity with these helpful hints.

5 Tips for choosing bathroom furniture

Life is made up of details, we could say. The world of architecture and interior design works in the same way, especially when planning a crucial space such as the bathroom, one of the most experienced in the home.

The choice of furnishing furniture is crucial for the bathroom since it is important to be able to combine aesthetic appeal and maximum versatility. Elements that today go together, thanks to the different design solutions available such as those of the bathroom expert, which offers a wide range of bathroom furniture products capable of ensuring maximum customization according to your tastes and needs. For your info, today you can buy any furniture online in just a few clicks. Don’t have any idea? Costway Furniture provides various kinds of quality furniture at affordable prices.

If you do not know where to start for bathroom furnishings, do not worry, in this article we will talk about just that.

1) First thing to check: how much space I have available

To understand which furniture to choose, it is essential to have a clear idea of   the space available, both in terms of size and organization. In this way it is possible to make a choice in the name of comfort and practicality, organizing the selection of bathroom furniture in the best possible way.

2) What furniture for the bathroom?

At this point you are ready to orient yourself in the vast world of bathroom furniture which has different types. The basic ones are:

– Open bathroom furniture. They have no drawers and doors and to understand what we are talking about we give you an example: the shelves for accessories such as toothbrush, comb and cosmetics. The definition of the height is essential to facilitate its use. 

– Bathroom furniture with drawer. They generally require more space and are used to contain, for example, hairdryers, depilatory systems, electric razors and the like. They have a height ranging from 80 to 110 cm.

– Low furniture. They are used for towels and shower mats; manage to guarantee a greater volume. An example is this 24 Inch Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Towel Storage Rack with 2 Storage Tier.

– Support furniture. They occupy a rather large area and are designed for bathrooms with larger dimensions.

– Suspended furniture. The space they require is minimal and they are perfect from the point of view of cleaning. Ideal for small bathrooms.

The choice of bathroom furniture depends on the space available and the needs of the person. It is also possible to insert wall hooks that can give comfort with bathrobes and towels.

3) Other interesting solutions not to be underestimated

In the previous paragraph we showed you the main types of bathroom furniture. To these can be added the bathroom cabinet, a versatile and functional model that can also be equipped with doors, mirrors, drawers and LED lights for better lighting and the towel rack, an often widespread solution where there is sufficient space. Not to be underestimated are the vanity unit, a real space-saving option, and the column unit, which is also functional to optimize the surface.

4) Shower or bath?

The choice depends not only on the space available, the tub is undoubtedly more bulky, but also on your habits. The shower is safer and easier for surface management. There is no shortage of combined solutions, which allow you to not give up on either of the two options.

5) Materials and taps

Materials are the most important component to consider when choosing bathroom furniture. Steel, glass, marble resin, just to give examples, are real securities since they have aesthetic appeal and the ability to last over time.

Another element not to be underestimated is the taps, considering that each piece of furniture has its ideal tap. Also in this case there are multifunctional and interesting products on the market, capable of making a real difference.

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