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It seems that today, diamonds are far from being the only choice for those who seek to buy a dazzling ring for someone special.

Gemstone Ring Sales – Your Loved One Deserves It!

Diamonds are forever, it’s true. However, they are not the only eternal thing in our world. Taxes are forever. The humor on ‘Friends’ (or ‘Seinfeld’ if you’re that type) is forever, and also Germany winning knock-out soccer matches is forever. Jokes aside, though, there’s another type of precious rock, slowly but steadily gaining the luxurious status of diamonds as well.

It seems that today, diamonds and blue sapphire stone are far from being the only choice for those who seek to buy a dazzling ring for someone special. Take a look at the wide variety of gemstone rings now offered at almost every high-end jewelry store. On the website of the world-reputed online jewelry retailer Best Brilliance, for example, you can find hundreds of different types, shapes, sizes, styles and what not of breathtaking gemstone rings. Stones are gaining momentum, and while they will never be as chic as diamonds, they are certainly becoming a status symbol.

Diamond rings vs gemstone rings

Let’s get the scientific specifics out of the way first. What is a gemstone, anyway? Well, we can also call them a ‘precious stone’, is a shred of crystal mineral that can be mined mostly from rocks made out of magma. Familiar examples of gemstones that you’ve probably heard of are sapphire, emerald, and amethyst. They are widely used – after being polished – to make jewelry. However, the fact that they are rare and dazzling makes them highly valuable and desired also in their raw, natural form. 

Nowadays, the term ‘gemstone’ also includes other rocks and organic materials such as obsidian, opal, and amber, although these are not minerals per se. This is because these materials are also visually appealing to the eye, and are used to ornament jewelry as well. But on paper, a gemstone must be a mineral. As a matter of fact, diamonds are a subcategory of gemstones, because they are also minerals. 

However, diamonds differ from other minerals in some additional aspects: While they are usually naturally colorless or murky gray, most gemstones are colorful. In addition, diamonds are ranked 10/10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (a mineral’s Mohs rank is determined by its ability to scratch other minerals, and not be scratched by them. By and large, minerals ranking higher on the Mohs scale are considered more desirable, therefore diamonds’ high price).

Gemstone jewelry – dazzling beauty, dazzling price

On the other hand, Gemstones have many benefits that diamonds just don’t have. Their color palette is very wide and eye-popping in a manner that no jewelry fan can resist. Iolite’s color is deep, clean purple. Moonstone is pale blue like the spring sky. Sphalerite’s red hues give it a dramatic tone. The list goes on and on. Just to clarify, colored diamonds do exist. However, these are very rare and expensive to such an extent that people who aren’t extremely wealthy can’t afford them.

Naturally. gemstones’ prices are heavily influenced by how scarce they are in nature – the harder it is to find them, the more expensive they are. However, you can always find attractive promotions and offers, especially during the November shopping frenzy, and especially when you purchase online.

Express your love with a gemstone ring

Best Brilliance is a leader in the online jewelry retail industry, and its online store has plenty of unique and beautiful choices, which can help you express love to your special one just as much as diamonds do, just with a lower price tag and with amazing vibrant colors. Here are just a few jaw-dropping examples of beautiful gemstone rings:

‘Jessica’ is a solitaire ring with a 0.8-carat round ruby stone and with a frame of 14K white gold. Its minimalistic and delicate chic is balanced with ruby as red as wine, giving it also a dramatic look. Just make sure you take a photo of the moment you present this ring to your sweetheart, because that is an instance that you will want to cherish forever.

Elite gemstone and diamond ring / Source: Best Brilliance

Elite gemstone and diamond ring / Source: Best Brilliance

‘Elize’ is quite different and unique. It’s a split halo designer ring with 1 carat of round shape pink tourmaline, and an additional 0.25-carat of natural diamonds surrounding it. This one gives the wearer a royal and classy look that no one can resist. It can be ordered online, just like all other Best Brilliance items, and if you’re worried about your loved one’s finger size, they can send you a free ring sizer to test out before you order, just to make sure.

‘Ivy’ takes a whole different approach. It’s ornamented with a 1.5-carat deep blue sapphire set in a single halo, with an additional 0.5-carat of natural diamonds. Ivy has a breathtaking presence, and just cannot be overlooked. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different colors for the halo itself, so you can make sure that the ring you select is unique to your style.

Ivy gemstone and diamond ring / Source: Best Brilliance

Ivy gemstone and diamond ring / Source: Best Brilliance

Wise consumerism and conflict-free gems

The world of jewelry is going through many changes these days, and this is very clear when looking at consumer trends and demand. There is an obvious shift away from diamonds, towards more affordable alternatives. People are becoming more and more aware of smart consumerism. This is positive news, not only when discussing jewelry.

This means that competition over your attention and pocket is also becoming more intense, and we as consumers have only to gain from that. Wider selection, better service, more attractive pricing are all part of the future of shopping for jewelry, thanks to the rising popularity of gemstones. Not to mention the fact that it’s much simpler to buy them online, at leading retailers such as Best Brilliance and others. 

Naturally, many people are hesitant to buy something as valuable as jewelry online, without seeing it physically first. However, just like we got used to buying our clothes, groceries and pharmaceuticals online, rings and necklaces are heading in that direction as well. So, when you think of the next gemstone jewel you want to buy your jewel – open up your computer or mobile phone without hesitation.

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