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Change It Up for Lunch with Papa Johns Family Meal Deals

If you are tired of packing a lunch for your office, or you always visit the same lunch joints, perhaps it is time for a change. Unlike many pizza joints that only offer pizza and a few sides, Papa Johns has a menu that contains a wide selection of options. Family meal deals are the perfect way to feed a crowd and try new items. Taking advantage of these deals also allows you to save money, which means you can try even more offerings.

Let Papa Johns Plan Your Next Meal

Whether you are eating at your desk, hosting a get-together, or planning a family meal, Papa Johns can help. Pizza is a staple on the menu, but perhaps you want to branch out from your regulars. Try one of the specialty pies, which are carefully created taste sensations. The BBQ chicken bacon pizza has BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, smokey bacon, onions, and cheese. There are many other combinations as well, including vegetarian options.

For something new, try the New York style pizza. This is great for a crowd, as it has eight oversized slices topped with your choice of ingredients. If you want to create your own pizza, other crust options, besides the original and New York styles, are thin crust, stuffed, pepperoni-stuffed, and gluten free.

Make sure to add some sides to your family meal deal. Options include:

  • Garlic knots
  • Garlic parmesan breadsticks
  • Original breadsticks
  • Cheesesticks
  • Bacon cheesesticks
  • Jalapeno cheesesticks
  • Chicken parmesan Papa Bites
  • Jalapeno Papa Bites

Have a Summer Time Picnic with Papa Johns

Summer is the perfect time to have a picnic, and with pizza delivery near me, having one is extremely simple. Everything on the menu can be eaten with your hands, so you do not need to worry about packing utensils or even plates.

Along with your pizza, add an order or two of wings. Available in hot lemon pepper, buffalo, BBQ, honey chipotle, and garlic parmesan, they are the perfect match for pizza.

Another picnic-friendly item is the Papadia. These sandwiches come with a dipping sauce and are available in creations such as:

  • Italian
  • BBQ chicken and bacon
  • Philly cheesesteak
  • Grilled buffalo chicken
  • Meatball pepperoni

When you take advantage of the Papa Pairings, you can have a picnic feast. Each item is only $6.99 when you order two or more. Choose from pizza, Papadias, wings, sides, and desserts.

Save Money Multiple Ways

Taking advantage of family meal deals is not the only way to save money. There are email and app-only discounts, and you can check with your local Papa Johns to see which specials are available. You may also be able to find online coupons.

You can earn free food by joining Papa Rewards. As a member, you earn one point for each dollar you spend. Once you reach 75 points, you receive a $10 reward to use towards pizza, Papadias, wings, or another menu item. If you are feeding a family, or you order regularly, you may be able to earn multiple rewards in a short amount of time.

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