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Why is it important for celebrities to wear good jewellery?

Jewellery is something that has been a part of human tradition for a very long time. People in the past used to wear jewellery not just to enhance their appearance but also to ward off evil and to declare their social standing in a society. They wore jewellery made of a certain gemstone or metal for certain occasions for good luck and prosperity. Therefore, jewellery has always held an important place in human lives.

Today, people wear jewellery for various reasons, the major one being to enhance their appearance. Wearing jewellery makes you look good and increases your self-confidence. Married couples wear rings made of gold or synthetic diamond rings as a sign of their commitment. But the kind of jewellery people wear today is largely based on what they see and like in their day to day lives, much of which includes social media. 

Celebrities and influencers on social media are powerful entities because they possess the ability to influence the behaviour of people. It is human nature to get inspired and influenced by the things and people around them and social media takes the advantage of this human nature to influence their behaviour. For example, if a celebrity is wearing a dress belonging to a certain brand and it looks beautiful on her, the people watching her get influenced and tend to buy the same dress of the same brand thereby increasing the sales of that particular brand. The brands on the other hand try and get as many celebrities and influencers to endorse their brand so that they can influence human behaviour leading to increased sales and increased profits. 

Famous people and celebrities are public figures who are always in the public eye. They have several followers and fans who adore them. Additionally, their profession may be such that it demands them to look good each time they step out for a public event. Therefore, an easy accessory that can make them look good is jewellery. Celebrities wear good jewellery so as to look good and feel confident. Sometimes, they wear statement earrings and necklaces that catches your eye and inspires a new trend altogether. Their jewellery choices are often talked about and therefore they have to be careful in choosing what they wear because it often reflects your views and the principles that you stand for. For example, celebrities like Emma Watson and Meghan Markle are known to champion the cause of sustainable fashion and therefore are often seen wearing jewellery made of lab grown diamonds

Celebrities attending huge events such as movie premiers and awards shows know that they will be scrutinized for what they wear and therefore need to be careful in choosing their jewellery and outfits. They need to make sure that whatever they are wearing, right from their dress, shoes, hairstyle and jewellery including wedding rings hatton garden needs to be perfect so that they make headlines for the right reasons. 

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