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Say Goodbye: Helpful Tips for Planning a Celebration of Life

It’s intriguing how funerals and celebrations of life may seem extremely different yet bear so many obvious parallels. Each is a ritual; bringing individuals who have experienced the same loss together.

The main difference is that one is the outcome of more recent shifts in societal standards, while the other is more rooted in tradition. A celebration of life service is an event where people gather to commemorate and honor the life of the deceased.

Although a celebration of life is not that far off from traditional funerals, you can expect a more light-hearted ambiance because, as the name suggests, it is a celebration. It eulogizes the achievements, remarkable experiences, and core memories the deceased had lived through.

5 Celebration of Life Tips

Celebrations of life are often held after the physical remains have been handled, either through burial or cremation. This provides sufficient time to make arrangements and decide how you would like to honour a loved one. If you’re interested in organizing one, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind:

Consider the Requests and Needs of Both the Departed and the Bereaved

A celebration of life is a commemoration of the life lived by the deceased; their hopes and dreams including the relationships they have forged. It is also an event that helps the family and friends of the deceased bid their goodbyes properly.

That is why it is important to realize that this event must meet the guests’ emotional needs to aid them in the healing process. If you can, you might want to invite grief therapists in Windsor to help the guests handle their grief properly in preparation for this event. It’s important to think of what might happen at the event and how you can address the needs of the guests. 

Involve the Deceased’s Love Ones in the Planning Process

Moments of joy, sorrow, harmony, challenges, and victory are all shared with the people you love most. This goes without saying that the deceased’s loved ones can share meaningful ideas to cater to the needs of the guests.

Encouraging loved ones to make suggestions and share their opinions after going over the specifics and details of the event would go a long way. To hold a proper celebration of life, families often consult specialists to help in organizing the flow of events.

Event planners in Toronto offer full-service and personalized planning such as celebration of life in Toronto that can help kinfolks in concretizing their ideas. This might also help them find the closure and support that they need during these times.

Incorporate The Deceased’s Personality into the Various Aspects of the Event

The celebration of life will be meaningful to everyone in attendance. To provide a warm and welcoming ambiance for the event music, readings, religious prose (if appropriate), and stories from friends are appreciated — or even expected.

Think of the distinctive lifestyle and personality of the deceased and incorporate them into the various aspects of the event. Choose music that they would’ve enjoyed or something that uplifts the spirit.

If they have a friend or relative who is a musician, they can sing or play an instrument to honour their loved one. For the decoration, you can choose the deceased’s favourite flowers to adorn the area. Opt for specialty shops like the funeral flower shops in Mississauga that supply wide varieties of flowers to choose from and make sure to keep these flowers fresh.

Decide on Who to Invite and When and Where it is Most Convenient to Hold the Event

A celebration of life can take place anywhere. You can hold the event in a private residence, a place of worship, or a community space — wherever it is most preferable and convenient. 

There are several aspects to consider when choosing the right place, such as the budget, audio-visual needs, food preparation, accessibility, and parking space. You can also choose whether it is open to the public or only close friends and family can attend. And, before making the arrangements, remember to discuss with everyone involved when the most convenient date is, especially for the out-of-town guests.

Decide on How to Serve Food and Refreshments

Coordinate with everyone involved in the event about the budget and think of the most practical way to serve food and refreshments. Make sure to consider the date and location where the event will be held.

A potluck, where attendees contribute food for a lunch buffet-style, is a convenient idea. You can also opt to have catering provided, just like they would for a party, or to host it in the event space of the deceased’s favorite restaurant.

A celebration of life is an event where the deceased’s loved ones memorialize the life that the deceased has lived. It can also be something that aids the mourners in their process of healing. 

Although it can be difficult to plan because of the plethora of things you would have to consider, having people to help you can make the process much easier. After all, this is the best time to gather everyone and reflect on all the good times you had with your departed loved one.

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