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Learn how to prepare for the CCNP exam and what to expect when testing for your Cisco Certified Network Professional certification.

CCNP Exams: Questions and how to solve them

CCNP 350 – 410 is an exam that assesses the basic understandings of leading enterprise network tech applications. This includes a plethora of subfields such as virtualization, network issuance, security, infrastructure, and even automation. 

During the preparation for the exam, the candidate can learn about a vast range of techniques used on Cisco-made technologies. This exam is linked with the CCNP and CCIE enterprise certifications. SPOTO Cisco 350-401 ENCOR exam dumps questions can be beneficial for preparing for the exam.

One essential part of CCNP enterprise certification is the ability to improve the skills of networking professionals. It is a great way to update your knowledge. The exam has a total number of questions which are around a hundred. Please take a look at the site here to have detailed information regarding the test and its preparation. Furthermore many other videos are available online that have lectures on all the sub-topics in the exam.

The pattern of the test

The questions in this exam are multiple-choice types of questions. The candidate has to choose the correct option in a limited time. The duration of this exam is around one hundred and twenty minutes or two hours. Multiple options for the asked question are provided; out of these, the candidate is supposed to select the correct answer as per their knowledge. The primary aim of this pattern are:-

  • The candidate would be capable enough to cater to difficult situations wisely, by employing multiple choice based questions the candidates are assessed and taught at the same time.
  • The candidate would become competent to perform complex tasks in a short period which is necessary in a field like this.

Studying for the questions

Preparing for these exams is no piece of cake. Even experienced professionals get confused when they see the question paper. Nonetheless, it might be a difficult Everest to climb but certainly not impossible. Therefore, we will also be discussing some tips to solve these MCQs based questions.

The first instinct

In solving multiple-choice questions, a candidate needs to study well. However, at the moment, we will deal with some tips and tricks that one can use to solve them. The first tip is always to follow your first instinct. Candidates have usually gone through many question dumps, and it’s easy to know some answers automatically. For such questions, mark the answer that first pops in your mind. The highest probability for the candidate is their first option.

The answer that has the most probability 

Another trick to use if you are stuck on a question is relying on the probability or chance algorithm. From 4 answers, every answer has a twenty-five percent chance of being correct. However, if you know some answers are incorrect, it increases your chances of getting the correct answer. 

For example, suppose they are 4 options given and you are aware that option B and C are incorrect, this gives you a fifty-percent chance of being correct while choosing A or D. So make sure to encircle the solution with the highest probability instead of leaving the questions altogether. Since there will not be any negative marking if you get them wrong.


The Cisco Certification for networking is a great way to increase your knowledge and practice implementing your professional skills. The exam is in two forms, a preliminary exam, and a lab exam. The initial exam can be studied from different websites as well as online lectures. Check out the tips above if you still get confused or don’t know the answer to some questions. Furthermore, always check out sites that have questions for such exams listed, as they will help you understand what questions can come up.

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