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Lately, affordable health insurance that covers you in case of an illness or injury seems like a pipedream. Fortunately, you can make it happen. Here's how.

Why Should You Consider Buying Health Insurance Online?

Online shopping has become a huge part of the way to buy things now, be it big as electronics and furniture or something as mundane as groceries. The insurance market around the globe is no exception to this change either. All major insurance providers have gone digital now and are encouraging customers to buy health insurance online.

Providers offering online health insurance in Dubai are on the same road. From buying a policy to renewing it, claiming it or closing it, there is nothing that can not be done online. Apart from being a rather convenient way of shopping, there are several other reasons for you to buy medical insurance online in Dubai. Let’s take a look at them through this article.

Multiple Choices to Access

When you set out to buy an insurance plan offline, your choices are limited. It is so, because it is humanly impossible to visit all the providers to get an idea about the kind of plans that are being offered by them. This changes when it comes to buying online health insurance in Dubai

You have complete access to all the plans listed by almost all the popular insurance providers.  Just one quick research can offer multiple options in front of you which you generally do not get when shopping for health insurance plans offline. 

All Top Insurance Providers in a Single Place

Almost all top health insurance providers of Dubai and the UAE have gone digital now. 

They have dedicated websites that have all the information related to health insurance plans including lists of inclusions, exclusions, coverage limits, etc. Buying online medical insurance in Dubai would mean that you will have plenty of time to study and choose between the top provider from all over the emirates with simple clicks and taps. 

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Eliminate the Need of Agents/Middlemen

Having middlemen involved can lead to confusion and sometimes frauds too. Additionally, you not only have to pay for the plan but also for the commission and fee charged by the agent/middlemen. 

This issue is eliminated by getting direct access to your medical insurance online in the UAE. You can choose to buy from an insurance aggregator or directly from the provider’s website using online means. Irrespective of the option you choose, you can totally bypass the need to have middlemen. This eliminates the need to shell out commission fee making your insurance policy cheaper overall.

Seamless Shopping Experience 

The best thing about online shopping is that you can do it on the go from anywhere and at any time. The same logic applies to buying health insurance in Dubai as well, specially when you do it online. 

Whether you do it from the comfort of your home on a weekend or from your desk at the office on workdays, buying health insurance online is exceptionally easy and smooth. On top of that, there are no time constraints either. Whether it is early in the morning or late in the night, you can buy your  health insurance online in Dubai at any time.

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Ease of Comparison

Comparison is the key to buying better. And buying health insurance online gives you the leverage to take your time and properly, compare all the possible choices and make a well-informed decision at your own pace. 

Online resources for comparison are better since almost all the  aggregators offer free comparison tools and charts for easy comparison. You can quickly take a look at differences in plans, prices and benefits.

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Easy and Secure Transactions

Security related to monetary transactions is one of the biggest concerns that anyone would face when buying online. However, digital shopping platforms have become exceptionally stable by ensuring data security and facilitating safe transactions. 

You can safely make payments through verified channels that your provider or aggregator has on their website. Your transaction is done with the security of one-time password systems and the receipts are generated instantly.

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Clearer Terms and Conditions

Transparency is one of the most important factors for insurance providers to take care of, especially when the buyers are using online platforms. This is why, when you are buying an insurance plan online, the terms and conditions are provided to you before you make payment and finalise the purchase. 

Apart from that, there is a detailed list of inclusions, exclusions and deadlines that can be easily viewed before submitting a claim. This is how buying online health insurance in Dubai has become more transparent.

High Claim Settlement Ratio

Most claims are denied because either the policyholders submit claims for uncovered benefits or misses out on important terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are stated clearly for everyone to read and understand on online platforms which affect CSR positively. 

When you are completely aware of the services that you are eligible for from the very start and file the right claims, the chance of claim settlement increases. This increases customer satisfaction and the goodwill of the insurance company.


24×7 Support

Another perk of buying online health insurance in Dubai is that you get to enjoy a 24×7 helpline for your troubles and queries. There can often be times when you have to visit the branch in person if you have bought the plan offline. But anything related to online purchases can be resolved via online help portals of the aggregators and the providers. 

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Minimal Human Interaction

Lesser human interaction means an increased level of interaction with an AI bot. You will get a questionnaire to fill out your exact demands from the health insurance plan. Based on your answers, the algorithm will flash best available plans that are closely aligned with your expectations. The same goes for all the queries and issues that may arise when you have bought the plan. 

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Everything comes with a few pros and cons and the same is the case with online shopping. Options are vast and shopping for online health insurance in Dubai is easy but there is always the fear of fraud transactions.

However, you can easily eliminate these cons by being just a bit more careful and choosing trustworthy providers only. Scouting the options is never hard when online shopping is concerned. Just make sure you buy from the authentic providers and aggregators so that buying medical insurance online becomes a pleasant experience for you.

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