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When it comes to understanding business card trends, you need to figure out what’s propelling companies. Let's dive in.

Business Card Design Trends – What You Should Look for in 2023 and Beyond

When it comes to understanding business card trends, you need to figure out what’s propelling companies in the coming year. We have to consider small businesses, content creation, side jobs, and rebranding. Whether you have a small business or a chain of big organizations, the common factor is standing out from the competition. 

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, whether you are at a conference or just met a prospective client, giving an attractive business card creates the best impression

Soft and round shapes

In 2023, you can try soft and round-shaped business cards. That’s the emerging trend for brands that like to believe in doing things unconventionally. The round, soft shapes look more personal compared to the old, traditional rectangular cards. 

The use of circular-shaped cards is the best way to convey happiness, friendliness, lightness, and gentleness. Round shapes are not new but did exist as an essential design component for the more human-centric and friendly brands. To create the visual impact, the rounded cards use bobbly shapes, circles, and even bobbly fonts to create a significant contrast to the typical rectangular cards with sharp edges. 

Full color on side of the business card

As far as colorful cards are concerned, they’re not something new. Colors have been used for years to grab customer attention. However, in 2023 and beyond, the trend is to have a neat, white-colored side with one complete-side color. The idea is to make the other stand look unique. The white side makes the color on the other side look bold and brilliant, while the brand color grabs attention to the card and its information. So, if you want to order business cards with a full one-color side, keep it simple without bold logos and elaborate designs. You have the color on side of the card and it conveys the brand message. 

Ditch magnificence when it comes to design, and embrace simplicity and functionality. A business card is meant to attract attention with details. And that is that if you go by the trend. 

Showcasing your business product or service

When potential clients look at your business card, they must instantly know what products or services you offer. In 2023, product-centric design is the buzzword, to be candid. You need to show the type of product or service simply. You can display the product as a simple illustration or even an icon. Keep the design minimal. 

Whether you use illustrations or icons, it’s an attractive way to inject personality as well as a character into your business card. This trend is popular and here to stay, adding a fun and playful vibe to your business card. 

Bold and thick strokes 

The use of bold and thick strokes in your business card achieves many things. The bold design looks brash, imposing, and of course visually appealing. The idea is to grab attention through heavy-weight lettering and strokes.


These are some of the few trends in business card designs in 2023. Study them and implement those that suit your business needs. 

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