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Budget-Friendly Makeovers Transforming Spaces without Breaking the Bank

Our homes are, by definition, the places where we feel safe, cared for, and comfortable. This entails some sense of familiarity. But, even the most stubborn heads realize that passivity and familiarity lead to stagnancy from time to time so they give their homes complete makeovers and try to start from scratch.

We say you should try to do these as frequently as possible. Yes, even the smallest changes you add to the pace of your life can help you feel fresh, renewed, and energized. And is there any better place to start making changes than at the place where you spend the most time?

This fact becomes even more evident keeping in mind that most home makeovers don’t even ask that you break your bank. Let us take a look then at some of the budget-friendly ways to overhaul your home while keeping all the small things that make it special.

Set a clear and unequivocal budget

This is one of the simplest and most effective home makeover tips that ensure you won’t engage in something excessive and put too much pressure on your finances. So, before setting out to do any major projects, take a good look at your income, fixed monthly costs, and varying expenses and see just how much you can spend. Now, put anywhere from 5% to 20% off that sum and you will get the money you have on the table. Pairing this budget with the list of the upgrades you need to make ranked based on their priority should give you a pretty good idea about where to spend and how much.

Repaint whatever you can


A new coat of paint can give some space a completely new lease on life and overhaul its vibe. So, if you are feeling your room is too small you can open it up with sky-like blues and whites. If you want to create something more streamlined and contemporary you can always go with monochromatic options. And all these things will cost you beans. With that in mind, don’t leave your efforts limited strictly to walls. Giving your furniture pieces a good old sandpaper and paint treatment can breathe new life into them as well. You will get a space that is familiar, but at the same time, completely fresh.

Put your effort into the bathroom and kitchen


First, these rooms can benefit the most from a couple of original ideas. Second, if you, at any point, decide to sell your home, you will get your investment back. So, what about turning your kitchen into a scaled-down version of a living room with a built-in reading nook, or giving your bathroom a spa treatment? Most of these things can be pulled off with nothing more than a couple of new furniture pieces. Sure, you will need to find the best plumbers in the area to keep plumbing issues in check, but from this point on the final purpose of these rooms is left completely to your imagination.

Add a sense of personality with DIY resources


Rolling up your sleeves and trying to refresh your home interior with your own resources is as cool as it is inherently frugal. Why not put some time into creating something truly and uniquely yours? One of the things that come to mind is DIY which covers anything ranging from origami to paintings and cross-stitch canvases. The other option you can use is to create your DIY furniture. You would be surprised to know how little effort you need to turn pallets into sofa beds and ladders into chairs. What all these things have in common is that they are visually striking and very affordable from the get-go.

Take care of the lighting


The way some space is lit can dramatically change its overall feel and even its basic purpose. One of the best examples of this idea comes in the form of layered lighting. In this scheme, you will split the room lighting into three groups – ambient lighting (soft lights and natural light), task lighting (desk lamps, floor lamps, and other fixtures that are used for utilitarian purposes), and focus lighting that is used to bring attention to some piece of art of corner of the room. Outside of that, focus lighting is also drawing attention away from less flattering details so feel free to play with this intuitive idea.

Break up the space with different nooks and areas

Of course, this idea will work best if you are able to tear down a couple of walls, turn your home into an open floor playground, and then split that space into different, more organically organised areas. But, even if you don’t have all that open space at your disposal, you can give your rooms a certain sense of dynamic if you break it down into smaller sub-areas with visual elements like area rugs, plants, etc. The social area, centred around a small table? Yes. Reading nooks fenced off by pleasant indoor plants and bookshelves? Yes, please. In this regard, you are limited only by your imagination.


Well, we hope these couple of examples helped you realise that your home can get a breath of fresh air even if you don’t invest a small fortune into its overhaul. And, rest assured, you need to give the place you live in a new lease on life to get the same feeling in return. Occasional changes, no matter how small they are, help one person grow.  Our homes make a perfect place to start making these changes. Especially keeping in mind that you can get some very impressive results even without spending a small fortune.

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