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Security services worldwide are gaining a lot of momentum. Here are all the best bodyguard services in London.

Bodyguard services in London

Security services worldwide are gaining a lot of momentum. Several companies and organizations are coming up that provide highly secure and expert security services. In fact, hiring of security officials or bodyguards is becoming highly popular these days. 

London is one such city that has constantly been involved in developing this sector. In fact, London bodyguard services are highly renowned. This article will provide some detailed insight about such services, bodyguards, etc. 

Principles, Dress Code & Equipment for Bodyguards

Bodyguard services in London operate in a highly professional and systemized manner. They adhere to the established rules and principles while doing their work. Some famous principles include the Golden Rule Principle that suggests that the set protocol shall always be followed. Another principle is the chameleon principle which asks for bodyguards to blend in with the crowd as required. Other famous principles include the confidentiality principle, emotional suppression principle, risk assessment principle, etc. 

As far as dress code for bodyguards is concerned, the attire must offer them utility of space, secrecy, storage and safety. Formal dressing would require them to wear a jacket, shirt, tie, trouser with particular specifications. Hooded jackets shall be avoided, while socks and shoes shall be matched with the attire. The dressing shall be such that it allows them to wear protective gear underneath and carry weapons, communication devices, etc. 

Bodyguards are also supposed to carry multiple forms of equipment. As far as firearms are concerned, the Glock 17 9 mm pistol is highly preferred. It is highly safe, light and its magazine has a capacity to hold 17 bullets. Mobile phones and radio telephones must be carried to facilitate instant communication. Also, it is suggested to carry a flashlight to ensure illumination in dark places. For private security officials, a first aid kit is also necessary that must consist of bandage, gloves, breathing apparatus, etc. Other forms of protective equipment like handcuffs, tasers might also have to be carried depending upon the situation. 

Female Bodyguard Services

A highly underestimated branch of security services is that of female bodyguards. They are often regarded as being weaker or softer compared to men. However, it is quite the opposite. Female bodyguards are quite rapid, agile and can detect threats and factors that men might overlook. Their attention span is pretty impressive, and they use the stereotype of being weak to their advantage. There are mainly two types of female bodyguards- firearms and melee combat experts. 

Residential Security Services in London

The demand for private residential security services is on the rise. This is a form of security where protection is provided to all residents of a particular property or colony, etc. Also, it is a form of providing protection to the property itself and other material valuables inside it. Most security officials in this segment are retired/ex army or police officials having experience in facing different challenges. Residential security officials enable you to live a comfortable, safe and peaceful life. 

Important Functions of Security Services

The first major function of security services is threat assessment and management. This would involve identification of threats, ordering them as per anticipated likeliness and danger and then adopting protective strategies. The second important function is VIP profile identification. In order for a bodyguard to properly secure the concerned person, application of both force and mind is required. Thus, he/she must develop a sense of understanding of the VIPs identity and environment. This would involve following the Seven Ps principle. An understanding has to be developed regarding VIP’s people, places, personality, prejudices, personal history, private life and political/religious views. 

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