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Betting and films complement each other very well. On the lookout for the best sports betting films out there? Here are some of our favorites.

Our 5 picks of the best sports betting films to watch

Betting is a very popular industry. An industry that has been around for a considerable amount of time, but in recent years has certainly shot up in performance and excitement, due to the advances in technology and how convenient it is now for us to simply place a bet. 

Betting in films complement each other very well. There is a big target audience of customers that would watch a film that has some sort of gambling in it. Typically, it is casino films that grab all the attention, as they can be action packed with violence and cliff hangers. There are not as many sports betting films out there and they can be harder to find.

So, for viewers who are on the lookout for the best sports betting films out there, here are some of our favorites.

Eight Men Out

Our most appreciated and favourite sports betting film is Eight Men Out. This is based on a sports betting scandal that took place in the early 20th century. There is a lot of shock and controversy taking place. 

Eight Men Out features a baseball team that are winning every single game they play. Therefore, a bunch of rich men cut them a deal to throw away the world series title, in return for a lot of money. This is based on a true story, known as the Black Sox scandal. The White Sox lost the championship game on purpose, for money.

Let it Ride

Let it Ride is an excellent sports betting film, which takes a different approach and goes for a different type of genre to your typical action gambling movie, instead they try to target more comedy. 

The main character in this Trotter, a cab driver who gets a betting tip on a horse race. He then soon manages to find himself on a gambling streak. He then becomes a horse racing gambling addict who is begging God for a big win before he gives up his gambling career. To his luck, the bet wins.

This Sporting Life

This is the film that was created based on the book This Sporting Life. The book was written in 1960. Frank Machin is the main character and he is a young man who wants to become a professional rugby player. This film could have you on the edge of your seat, as it holds a range of sporting risks, involving huge betting stakes. 

Another featured character, Richard Harris, is an athletic coal miner who aspires to be a rugby player. He turns into a very arrogant, angry and brutal player. However, he manages to beat the bookies and wins a lot of money.


Bookies is an excellent and great sports betting film, which is based around college friends, who create a small bookmaker. Least to their expectations, they find themselves spiralling out of control when they get into trouble and come face to face with crime. This all comes about because of a loss in gambling that they are shook over. 

After they have paid off their loses, this then triggers them to become bookies themselves. At first, it may seem like a clever, entrepreneurial idea. They find themselves with a lot of money, which you can consider to be a very clever move, but then they realise they are making too much money! They then get involved with the local mafia.

Lay the Favourite

Lay the Favourite is an excellent sports betting movie that you are sure to enjoy. The main characters feature a highly attractive girl who leaves her strip club job in order to become a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. She goes by the name of Beth. As well as this, there is Dink, Dink is a pro sports better who offers Beth a job placing bets. He does this in order to be able to beat betting shops. 

However, Dink has a wife who becomes extremely jealous, leading to Beth being fired, and this is where it all goes wrong. Beth then decides to head to New York and work for a bookmaker, but all this lands her in the wrong place, in trouble against the law.

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