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Service dogs help millions of people carry out daily tasks and manage their mental health. Here, we take you through the most inspiring movies about them.

The 5 Best Movies About Service Dog

Service dogs play an important role in the lives of thousands of Americans and millions of people around the world. In fact, according to, about 500,000 service dogs are active in the United States. Service dogs may change your life if you have a disability and according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs can accompany you just about anywhere! Just be sure to take care about pet supplements for their best health.

That said, service dogs are not just pets and in many cases, they’re treated as caregivers. So, it’s important to understand what a service dog is and if you’re eligible for one. Whether you want to kick back and watch some wholesome movies about service dogs or want to learn about what service dogs can do, we’re here to help. We’ll take you through some of the best movies about service dogs.

The Best Movies About Service Dogs

There are hundreds of movies about dogs, service dogs, and even emotional support animals (ESAs). Unfortunately, some are misleading and many movies have too much “flair” and spread misinformation about service dogs. We take you through the best movies about service dogs to help you view the best possible options.

1. Adele And Everything After (2017)

Adele And Everything After is one of the best movies ever made about service dogs. It’s a sad story about a woman (Marty) who has to give up a service dog that changed her life. The service dog, Adele, is a well-trained cardiac service dog that can sense Marty’s heartbeat and prevent her from fainting. 

What makes the film sad is that Marty has to part ways with Adele as her dog reaches retirement. The rest of the plot follows the adventures that follow and her search for a new partner.

Adele And Everything After is one of the highest-rated service dog movies of all time with an IMDb rating of 8.7. It was directed by Melissa Dowler and includes cast members like Claudine Quadrat and James Januzzi. Adele And Everything After is a great film for viewers who want to learn more about the specific jobs that service dogs can do.

2. Pick of the Litter (2018)

Pick of the Litter is one of the best movies to watch if you want to learn about what it takes for a dog to become a service dog. It’s a film that follows the process of training a litter of service dogs for two years. The purpose of the training is to help the service dogs become guide dogs for blind people. 

That said, the film also shows the challenges that dogs face when becoming service dogs, which is where the title Pick of the Litter comes into play. The film has the title because only the best of the best can become service dogs. 

The movie was well-received and won several awards. It has an IMDb score of 7.6, which is among the highest for movies about service dogs. It was directed by Don Hardy and Dana Nachman. For viewers who want to learn more about what does into service dog training, Pick of the Litter is a great choice.

3. To Be of Service (2019)

To Be of Service is one of the more heartbreaking movies about service dogs. What makes the movie heartbreaking is its plot, which focuses on military veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The film follows several veterans and their service dogs, which help them with emotional support or daily tasks. There are many emotional scenes where veterans explain how the bond they’ve created with their service dog has helped them recover from the trauma of war.

To Be of Service was released in November 2019 and maintains an IMDb score of 7.4. It was directed by Josh Aronson and has prominent cast members like Sylvia Bowersox, who’s a veteran that served for 10 years in the military. Many of the cast members have served in wars and have extensive experience with service dogs and how they help with trauma. To Be of Service is a great film for viewers who want to learn about the impact of service dogs on mental health.

4. Buddy (2018)

Buddy is a 2018 documentary that follows the story of several service dogs and how they help their human companions. The film follows the director, Heddy Honigmann, as he peers into the lives of six people and their service dogs. 

In the film, the service dogs all have unique roles depending on the person they’re with. For example, the service dog, Utah, helps keep a boy with autism calm by knowing when he’s upset. Another service dog, Mister, helps with a war veteran’s PTSD and his wife even suggests that the dog is one of the reasons they stayed together.

Buddy has an IMDb score of 7.1 and doesn’t have any actors or actresses in the cast. Instead, the film follows the real stories of service dogs and the people they serve. Overall, Buddy is a great film for people who want to learn about the various tasks that service dogs can help with from guiding the blind to calming someone down.

5. Megan Leavey (2017)

Megan Leavey is a heroic tale about a girl and her service dog. It’s based on the true story of Megan Leavey, a marine corporal who had a unique bond with a military service dog. Leavey served as a military police member, more specifically a Military Police K9 Handler.

The movie follows her story and how she and her service dog, Rex, saved the lives of many civilians and soldiers during her deployment in Iraq. It was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and stars Kate Mara. The movie has an IMDb score of 7.1 and runs for just under two hours. Megan Leavey is the perfect service dog movie for viewers who want to learn more about the roles that service dogs play in the military. 

Learn More About Service Dogs Today

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