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The 21st century is not just the era of digitisation, but also the era of social media. Any business or industry across the world cannot survive and compete without going on the web these days. Several industries worldwide have generated tremendous success by using the internet and social media to their advantage. In fact, many have made the effort to combine orthodox web services with social media. The apparel industry, the food industry are some prominent examples of such collaborations. In recent times, several other industries have been inspired from this collaboration and they have taken up similar initiatives. One such industry is the aviation industry. It is one of the most profitable and fastest growing industries in today’s time. Even though the aviation industry needs no recognition, yet, it’s important to remain digitally present to survive in a competitive world.  

About Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is an extremely vital industry in the modern day and age. Given the extent of business expanse & diversification, the growing trend of traveling, etc., this industry has gained immense significance. The aviation industry is responsible for ensuring smooth and quick travel for people throughout the world. The aviation industry is what truly promotes the phrase ‘time is money’. Despite the fact that the aviation industry is old enough, it still has immense potential to grow and diversify. This industry holds ample opportunities for an extremely large number of people. Today, youth all over the world are extremely attracted towards this industry, for it offers great perks and benefits. 

Also, apart from the conventional things, the aviation industry is now opening up new avenues to attract more people. This includes things like aviation simulations, games, workshops, etc. to invoke the interest of the people at large. 


Isitfly is a unique new setup. It is an online platform specifically dedicated to the aviation industry. The platform offers a completely social media type interface that allows users to interact, post updates and remain connected. It is an amazing platform for all aviation aficionados. Not only is it an interactive platform, it also offers several things of knowledge and value to its users. In a very short span of time, the platform has been able to reach and connect with a large number of people. The platform offers free of cost services and opportunities. All that you need to do is to sign up on this platform and you will become a part of the ISITFLY family. 

This platform has well-crafted specialized and specific sections that cater to different segments of the aviation industry. ISITFLY has made a commendable effort in ensuring that the platform offers a holistic and interesting approach. It has chosen to be creative by taking up a social-media type interface which helps like-minded people to connect. 

Different Segments of the Platform

As briefly mentioned above, the ISITFLY platform is a holistic one with different segments. It offers you a tab of your profile and its progress. Apart from that, it also consists of the following sections:

  • A blogging segment for the users to post updates regarding their progress and achievements. It also allows them to post articles and other relevant content regarding the aviation industry. 
  • A news section that offers the latest updates and achievements of the aviation industry. 
  • The platform even offers the users to set up their online aviation shops and explore a completely different segment. 
  • Also, the platform offers its users the opportunity to connect with the audience and fellow users. 

All in all, the said platform is a unique, first of its kind platform when it comes to the aviation industry. 

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