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Best EDC Gifts 2023: 10 Affordable Ideas

Everyday carry (EDC) items are pieces of essential gear you carry on your person for use during unprecedented situations. Their primary function is facilitating preparedness for everyday problem-solving.

EDCs are popular among outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, and survivalists who use them routinely. Even so, any practical individual can have an EDC stockpile. Therefore, EDCs make for innovative yet practical gift ideas.

On the one hand, EDC item priorities are individual-specific. However, below is an EDC gift guide featuring the top ten contenders for the most practical, functional, durable, and even stylish everyday carry items for every prepper, adventurer, survivalist, and gear enthusiast.



Multi-tools feature prominently among the most practical EDC gifts, and with good reason. A multi-tool comprises several foldable tools designed into one compact and discreet space. The typical tools included in a multi-tool include knives or blades, screwdriver varieties, pliers, scissors, tweezers, wire cutters, bottle openers, and files.

Some multi-tool models comprise up to 20 foldable tools with distinct functionalities in one compact gear. Also, multi-tools are compact and lightweight, often approximately four inches lengthwise and weighing under a pound. 

Therefore, you can carry them in your pocket, pouch belt, mesh pocket, or purse; some even double as keychains. Typical multi-tool designs include the carabiner clip, knife-based (with multiple knives and no pliers), pliers-based (with a pliers-like design and sturdy pliers), and the dog tag necklace.

However, while the allure of a multi-tool with 20+ functions is high, always consider each tool’s performance and value based on practicality, sturdiness, safety, ergonomics, and durability. Therefore, consider user reviews and the most necessary EDC elements when gifting someone a multi-tool.

Tactical Flashlights


According to one industry report, the demand for tactical flashlights is rising. Moreover, the report highlights EDC tactical flashlights as the most popular products on the market. 

A tactical flashlight is an essential EDC gift item because, unlike standard EDC flashlights that exclusively provide illumination, tactical flashlights double as weapons for defense against attackers and critters. Second, while standard EDC flashlights typically have bells and whistles that may drain the battery or impede reaction times, tactical flashlights feature minimalist designs for immediate action.

While designs may vary slightly, a standard EDC tactical flashlight should have one button that turns it on and off at the same intensity (no dimming options). However, it should have “strobe mode,” or the blinding light that temporarily blinds an attacker, giving you the upper hand.

Second, its design should include a strike bezel or a ribbed rim that doubles as a weapon. Additionally, strike bezels can aid in shattering glass when necessary. Other practical features that make tactical flashlights ideal EDC gift items include rechargeable batteries and waterproof and shockproof construction.

Tactical Pen


Like the tactical flashlight, a tactical pen’s secondary function is a deterrent facilitating self-defense against attackers. Tactical pens allow you to strike or stab an attacker, which is helpful because danger can find you anywhere.

The typical performance features of an EDC tactical pen include durable construction featuring sturdy material that can withstand striking. Such materials include steel and titanium.

Second, a tactical pen should have a thick body to facilitate an ergonomic grip and prevent slipping while in action. Moreover, it should feature a sturdy integrated clip that attaches it to an easy-reach position on your person, allowing you to draw it fast and strike when necessary.

Custom Knife

custom kniofe

A knife is an exceptionally versatile EDC tool for use while on the go and for at-home repair and DIY projects. Therefore, a knife’s versatility solidifies its spot among the ten most practical and affordable EDC gift ideas.

EDC knife designs range from minimalist, compact, framelock, reversible, plain-edge, and serrated. Therefore, the best way to deliver a knife as an EDC gift item is by customizing it.

Custom EDC knives have exceptional quality derived from unique traditional craftsmanship and knife-making techniques. Also, they have durable blades that increase their strength and reliability. 

Also, their unique factor gives them added value as collector’s items. However, ensure the custom knife EDC gift adheres to federal and state knife laws.

A Power Bank

power bank

A power bank is an essential piece in any functional EDC kit. Power banks provide backup juice for your phone, allowing you to remain connected despite power outages or a lack of compatible charging ports. Moreover, power banks can charge other EDC kit essentials besides phones, like flashlights.

Power banks rated at least 10000Mah capacity are ideal EDC gift items because they can charge a smartphone to capacity. Additionally, consider a model with built-in cables to avoid misplacing removable USB cables.



Paracords are underrated yet exceptionally versatile and practical gear for use on the go or at home. They comprise up to 12ft of exceptionally strong, waterproof nylon with mildew, abrasion, and UV-resistant properties compressed into an inch per foot. 

A paracord has multiple applications, including securing items, zip ties, building shelter, and repairs. Besides their durability, paracords are available as wearable designs like bracelets and keychains integrated with other EDC essentials like fire starters and compasses. 

Glow-in-the-dark Keychains

Fumbling through your purse or carry bag for keys is annoying, frustrating, and time-consuming. Moreover, it increases the risk of attack vulnerability, especially at night or in isolated places.

However, gifting your loved one a glow-in-the-dark keychain helps them avoid the “fumbling for keys” fiasco. Glow-in-the-dark keychains contain a luminous powder that glows and recharges from any light source, eliminating the need for batteries.

An EDC Wallet

edc wallet

Typical wallets easily get cluttered with paper receipts, gift cards, change, and business cards. While such items seem like wallet essentials, they are not. However, you can help a friend or loved one avoid falling into the cluttered wallet trap by gifting them an EDC wallet.

EDC wallets have minimalist designs and organization features that exclusively accommodate cash (bills), IDs, and credit cards. Besides their compact and practical design, EDC wallets are stylish.


Although most people wear sunscreen to protect their skin from harmful UV rays, they forget that the sun’s rays are equally damaging to the eyes. Therefore, sunglasses are thoughtful yet affordable EDC items that protect from damaging UV rays while elevating personal style.

Tool Roll Bags

tool roll bag

While multi-tools are ingenious, they often cannot compete with standard tools. However, an EDC tool roll bag is a practical gift item that allows its recipient to add mobility to standard tools by eliminating the need for a cumbersome toolbox.



EDC items are thoughtful yet practical and affordable gift options. Therefore, consider the ten options above if you are unsure what to get an individual, yet you want to make a good impression.

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