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When it comes to cleaning your air conditioner, you have to show the utmost care to make sure that you clean it properly,

The Important Benefits Of Having Your Aircon Cleaned Regularly

Have you really paid attention to how the condition of your air conditioner truly is? Is the temperature okay? Can it cool your room effectively? Is the electronic bill in your home stable so far? Or do you encounter many repairs which you have to do for the aircon? Are you just noticing that there might be something wrong with your air conditioner and that the condition is not as good as it was before? Well, this may be a good time to remind you, when the weather is getting hotter and humid outside due to the summer, a good air conditioner unit is what you need to effectively cool your house. 

One of the ultimate ways to keep your air conditioner in top-notch condition is to regularly have it washed and maintained. Read on to find out what are the top advantages of cleaning your air conditioner regularly and some tips on how to do it properly!

Increasing The Air Conditioner System Efficiency

In general a clean air conditioner is less prone to excessive wear and tear because it doesn’t have to work as hard as the air conditioner which did not get the regular clean it needed. This is particularly true, especially for the outdoor condenser unit, which is very prone to get covered with dirt, debris, and fallen leaves. To clear the air conditioner outdoors, you can spray it off with water and a hose. By doing this  it will help to maintain the cooling system and evaporation processes, which will also help to reduce the condenser’s workload.

Making Air Conditioner Lifespan Longer 

A clean air conditioner is probably going to last longer than the one which was left with no utmost care and regular cleaning. One of the parts of the air conditioner which needs to be focused on is its filter. Air conditioner filter itself should be changed about every 90 days. Taking care of the air conditioner filter can make a significant difference with your aircon lifespan. This will lower your possibility of needing to do an entirely new air conditioner replacement earlier than usual -which is roughly around 15 to 20 years for a central air conditioner.

Cleaning and Improving the Health of Your Indoor Air

To ensure that everyone in the house can  breathe the cleanest and pure air, your air conditioner filter needs to be clean often. This was done to remove any solid and harsh impurities including smoke, pollen, dust, and grease. Without the air conditioner filter, dirt and other unhealthy materials can enter the house easily, leading to a variety of health-related problems.

Excessive dust, deris, and other substances that could contaminate the indoor air will be cleaned along if you schedule for air conditioner cleaning and maintenance. You and everyone in your home will definitely get the benefit from the healthier indoor air that results from cleaning your air conditioner regularly.

Bringing Down Repair Costs

A frequently cleaned air conditioner has the added benefit of requiring fewer expensive and frequent repairs. Damage to the air conditioner system is what might happen when various mechanical and electrical components are exposed to accumulated dust, trash, and other particles -and not cleaned regularly.

How To Clean Your Air Conditioner 

As we already mentioned, a garden hose can be used to quickly clean the exterior of your air conditioning unit. When performing routine cleanings, feel free to blast or spray any dirt and dust around your aircon with the hose. Before spraying, you can also remove any debris, such as leaves, which may be splayed around your aircon outside the unit. You can also do the following steps when cleaning your air conditioner:

  • Clean the fins with a gentle brush
  • After you unplug it, vacuum or lightly dust the interior of the unit
  • Decontaminating the ducts’ accessible areas

When it comes to cleaning your air conditioner, you have to show the utmost care to make sure that you clean it properly, and at the same time do not do something to further damage it. If you do not feel confident cleaning your air conditioner unit by yourself, you can contact Luce Aircon to do the cleaning duties. Their professionals and highly-skilled technicians will gladly evaluate your air conditioner and clean it thoroughly.

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