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Key Points To Remember Before Opting For Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts are vital organs of your HVAC system. Dirt left to gather inside your air ducts can spell problems. The after-effects of dirty ducts can make your rooms dustier and smellier and cause health issues like allergies and respiratory problems. Specialist duct cleaning Melbourne services can remove the gathered contaminants and dust from the air ducts, leaving your home in a healthier and fresher state.

There are few companies that offer duct cleaning as part of other home services like upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. So it is important to know and hire a sound residential duct cleaning Melbourne service provider providing expertise only on ducts as a wrongly done job can be harmful and expensive. As you spend a substantial part of your time indoors it’s important the right people and service take care of your air ducts and indoor air.

Hiring Duct cleaners and what you need to know

Your air ducts have been working ceaselessly and giving you the benefit and comforts of great air conditioning yet you feel it’s been a while since they have been cared for. Before you finally decide on going in for professional help, you should be well versed on a few key points what to avoid, and what to look for.

How frequently should you clean your ducts?

It is recommended by experts that ideally duct cleaning may be done in three to five years. This is to remove dust, mold, and allergy-causing microorganisms and keep the indoor air clean and breathable. Construction sites or houses where there are more allergens and suspended particles need air duct cleaning at more frequent intervals. Also if you see after a professional duct cleaning the dust around your home persists, chances are the service team did a shoddy or inexperienced job. Many cleaners provide a free inspection and estimates about when to clean the air ducts. You might also decide to go for duct cleaning when you see signs that indicate your ducts have become dirty.

Common indicators of dirty ducts are bad smell, breathing discomfort, allergies, asthma, and unusual dust on upholstery and furniture and construction projects in the vicinity of your property.

Finding an authorized cleaning service provider

When you seek out a certified cleaning expert look for-

  • Relevant licensing and insurance
  • Check out whether servicemen have certification or not
  • Read up reviews or ask for client feedback
  • Ask for a written estimate with process details
  • If they have relevant accreditation and also an active website

Knowing who to avoid

There are many companies that operate in the cleaning sector that are scammers. They do a surface-level cleaning and charge a packet. They would solve the issue at hand without penetrating deeper. But a true professional will not only do a thorough job of cleaning but also detect other issues, provide valuable suggestions, and will be available with great after-service help. While opting for a residential duct cleaning Melbourne service provider remembering a prior knowledge of all these things will help you make a sound choice.

Ask around as a second opinion

If you are unsure about the service processes and price, you should go forward and ask more service providers. A good company in fact will never mind if you seek a second opinion. Also when a professional comes for a free inspection they might detect added service requirements. You should check this with another provider to see if there is really a need for such services. Sometimes companies aggressively push services that might not be needed. So getting a second opinion can be helpful and might save you unnecessary expenses. Reputed duct repair Melbourne service providers have transparent treatment plans and they explain to clients exactly what the problem is till they are convinced.


Check out after a cleaning job

After the professional cleaning is done, you should do your part and check if the technical team did a good job. For this feel free to ask them for a detailed account of what they did. All professionals will gladly do so and even allow you to inspect to see if air ducts have been cleaned of debris, dust, mold, etc. Also, be abreast with the warranty part in case of any mishap or unwanted breakdown.

Be warned about unusually attractive deals or offers

Avoid voices over the phone soliciting very low-price services with free inspection thrown in. Chances are these are dubious companies who are trying to make a quick buck and looking for one-time entry. Always ask for website details and credentials and do not get swayed by low prices and tall claims with no proof.

Avoid service providers who offer duct cleaning along with carpet cleaning

Many times service providers try to oversell their services by throwing in carpet cleaning with duct cleaning or vice versa. Remember air ducts and other components of your HVAC system are vital to your home air conditioning and need dedicated experts to inspect and clean them. So if you are being offered too many services it is an indication you should avoid as it is just a quick money-making scheme and not a professional outlet offering genuine services that are long-lasting and reliable.

Ensure your HVAC unit gets cleaned as well

Merely cleaning the air ducts is an incomplete cleaning according to many experts. A thorough cleaning should involve cleaning your HVAC system and good companies will also have the authorized license to clean your HVAC unit and change furnace filters.

Avoid being talked into mold test kits

Some service providers might insist on installing a mold testing kit to help you detect mold presence. This is once again a scheme to get money out of you. If they say so you may buy one of these kits and check yourself. Molds cannot be the sole reason for cleanup but dust and other particulate matters are.

What a quality cleaner should provide?

Remember quality residential duct cleaning Melbourne service providers should clean all the different components of your cooling and heating systems that include grilles, diffusers, and supply and return air ducts, registers, heat exchangers, and heating and cooling coils. Drip pans, fan housing, and fan motor and air handling unit housing, etc.

Air duct cleaning is absolutely necessary to retain decent air quality because dust will collect and over time it will bring down your HVAC unit’s efficiency. But remember you have to make the right decision to enjoy a good outcome by placing your unit in the right hands.

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