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Become a Pro Player in 3 Patti using the rules

India is the country where the game 3 Patti first appeared. The game is also known as “flush” or “flash” in various regions and is regarded as a three-card poker imitation. Two factors account for the majority of 3 Patti’s popularity. Also, it’s simple to memorize the three Patti rules and it will be easy for 3 patti gold hack apk download 2022. The 3 Patti rules chart does not require as much calculation as other poker or rummy games.

3 Patti Rules Chart Ranking

The three best cards must get collected to win the entire pot of money in the 3 Patti game. Each card was – given a rank to categorize it and also win more with RCA168 . The player with the hand holding the highest ranking card will prevail over the player holding the lowest. To win the game, you must adhere to the following three Patti Hand Ranking rules:

Three or a Trio of a Kind

Three cards can be grouped as a trio card if they are all the same number and rank. A set of three Aces would rank as the highest three-card poker hand – in this case, and three cards marked “two” would rank lowest.

Simple Sequence

Three cards with a series of colors are said to form a pure sequence by the 3 Patti sequence rules. AKQ would be considered the highest and 4-3-2 the lowest.

A flush or a color

We can include three unrelated cards of the same color, as the Ace, King, and Jack of diamonds, under the Three Patti color rules. 


Two of the three cards, such as an Ace, Ace, and King or a Queen, Queen, and Jack, must have the same rank and color.

High Card or No Pair

If your card doesn’t fit into any categories, it can get categorized as a high card. The best card out of the three can get chosen in this situation.

Variations in Game

Different versions of the 3 Patti online games are available. The following are a few of them:


Each player was given four cards, thus out of which they had to choose the best three.

Lowball (Muflis)

The lowest card ranking gets preferred over the highest according to the lowball 3 Patti Variation regulations.

If A-A-A and K-K-K get compared, the first one will most likely win, but in this case, the player with the lowest rating (K-K-K) will receive the winning point.


Stud Poker and Stud are similar. A mix of face-up and face-down cards gets shown in this 3 Patti Variation. The players must work hard to obtain the ideal – set of three cards with the best ranking.


In this case, the dealer deals with the hands even – before the wagers get placed. Players might have – the option to discard undesired cards and replace them with fresh ones by spending money during a draw.


Each player receives an inadequate number of cards when playing according to the community 3 Patti Variations rules. Using the extra cards (community cards) on the table, the players must create the highest-ranking combination of three cards.


The players choose their cards from the deck and place them on their foreheads in this humorous variation of the three-card – Patti game. In this manner, everyone except the player can see their cards.

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