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Ready to get fit for the summer? Look no further than the Beach Cruiser Electric Bike! Here's how you can get an eco-friendly workout.

5 reasons why you should get a Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

As the Summer winds on, and public places open up, more of us are seeking to get back out there, explore the world around us, travel, and reconnect with friends. Some take up hiking, others are finding music venues. But what if you’re looking to simultaneously get fit and enjoy the great outdoors? Meet the beach cruiser electric bike.

An electric bike combines the simple pleasure of an old-fashioned bike ride with the added convenience and speed provided by an electric motor; this means you can cruise faster, pedal less, and enjoy a quiet ride all at once.

The beach cruiser category of bicycles was designed with a combination of pre and post-World War II aesthetics to be uniquely comfortable for the average rider yet solidly built, and evocative of the design of a motorcycle. For this reason, the appearance of beach cruisers tend to hearken back to the 1950’s, giving these machines a look that’s practical, timeless, and retro all at once.

So, let’s break down the benefits of owning an electric beach cruiser, and help you figure out if this is a Summer item that you need to have.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

Exercise with Less Fatigue

Let’s face it; many of us admire the stamina, strength, and endurance it takes to bike marathons and bike professionally, but the inevitable fatigue of pedaling can leave one so tired, that enjoying the surrounding scenery can take a backseat to recovering your strength.

With an electric motor, however, the can bike ride for you, and frees you up to soak in more of what is going on around you, stay alert, and travel safely with less exhaustion. This is especially ideal for sightseers and vacationers seeking to get the most out of their travel experience. Less fatigue on the road or trail means more energy left over at the end of the day for family, friends, and travel.

The hurdle of heading up hill is better tackled when the bike is powering you along, too. While every bike is different, manufactures know that electric bike consumers are looking for power as well as beauty, and modern electric bikes combine the best of both, with a diverse array of motors, battery options, and superior torque.

All of this technology and engineering means that you can bike without wearing yourself out, and go for longer distances if you have multiple stops around town to visit. Plus, the motor noise is just plain cool. It’s very quiet, yet audible enough to let others know that you’re riding something unique, and specialized.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

Perfect for All Terrains

Best beach cruiser electric bikes are a bit chunkier and tougher than traditional, thin bicycles, and can better handle surfaces that are sandy, uneven, and rough. They are designed with durability in mind, meaning that you’ll be getting a machine that can withstand heavy use, last you a considerable amount of time, and accompany you in town and on the beach.

You’ll accomplish more; more sightseeing, and more errands, too, making this single item ideal for any task or leisure activity to aim to tackle.

Additionally, your bike will be adaptable enough to handle sand, pavement, gravel, and sidewalks, meaning that no matter where you are during your vacation (or stay—cation), your one vehicle can handle any surface, and make smooth transitions from more intense to more relaxed biking activity.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike


Want a faster way to get around without releasing noxious, harmful fumes into the air as you do so? Go electric!

With fumes and emissions a growing concern for many, and more and more citizens trying to find fast yet eco-friendly ways of getting around, an electric beach cruiser allows you to take the environment into mind, without compromising on the convenience of speed and efficiency. Your batteries will be rechargeable, too, saving you money in the long run, compared against replacing the run-down battery as one would in a traditional motor vehicle.

On a recent vacation to the East Coast, I was pleasantly surprised to be overtaken on a trail by an electric bike. The hum of the motor was quiet, yet distinct, which meant not only less air pollution, but less noise pollution, too.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike


So how fast can an electric bike actually go, and what will this mean for you, the rider? Well, the general rule is that these bikes can get up to 28-32 miles per hour (depending on which country you’re in), in addition to the added speed that can be gained from combining human kinetic energy with machine strength.

This means that while e-bikes can get up to 28-32 miles per hour on the motor alone, you can go even faster than this if you pedal as well as engage the motor.

In this way, you can both maximize your time, and (frankly) have a bit more fun on the road than you might at non-motorized cruising speeds. The added speed gives these e-bikes a definite advantage over traditional bikes, while maintaining the physically active experience of exercising outdoors.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike


Remember how I mentioned earlier that the beach cruiser design was developed with comfort in mind? This cushiony, pleasant riding experience has always been a key feature of the beach cruiser category of bicycles, and translating this comfort into an electric format just makes sense.

Yes, professional racing bikes are awesome to watch in action, but they are designed for speed and agility, not a soft ride or a smooth seating experience. The average beach-rider needs to be both mobile and relaxed, and modern electric bikes often come with superior suspension systems, cushioned seating, and a design with the rider in mind.

This can allow you to ride for longer; in addition to feeling less fatigued due to exertion, your body will be less tense overall, and better able to enjoy the scenery around you for a greater duration.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike


There you have it friend, five reasons to get yourself an electric beach cruiser! Whether you’re looking for something durable, comfortable, fast, eco-friendly, less strenuous to ride, or adaptable, you’ll be looking at all of these features and more in a single well-built, beautiful biking experience.

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