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If your favorite condiment is the tasty BBQ sauce, then we've got some recipes for you to test out. Drool over all the yummy food ideas here.

A Beginner’s Guide to BBQ Catering for an Event

When planning any significant event, you want to make it memorable, and people always remember the food. The best catering will include a wide variety of foods that taste as good as they look and have people returning for seconds. Barbeque is an excellent catering option in the summer heat, bringing back memories of family parties and days at the beach. Of course, if you decide on a barbeque, you must do it right by cooking your best meats with Kamado bbq.

Caterers like Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn have been cooking barbeque for a long time and can set you up with a fantastic array of meat and side dishes. Here are some tips to get everything ready for the party:

  • Choose Your Meat and Presentation 

Barbeque is all about the meat. The first step to an excellent barbeque is choosing which meats you will feed your guests. Caterers like Dinosaur BBQ Brooklyn serve many classic barbeque meats like pulled pork and chicken, barbeque chicken, ribs, brisket, and salmon. 

Not everyone eats pork and beef, even though they’re the most common barbeque meats. It’s a good idea to order chicken or salmon as one of the options for guests that prefer to avoid red meat. 

You can plan to serve the meat on sandwiches or platters. Sandwiches are more straightforward but limit your choice of meat. Platters are more elaborate and expensive but allow you to order anything. If you choose to call the ribs, ensure there are plenty of wet wipes handy, and ensure it’s the kind of event where guests are willing to get a little messy.

  • Choose Your Sides

The sides are equally crucial to a barbeque meal. Restaurants like Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn serve sides like mac & cheese, potatoes, BBQ beans, and various salads.

You might be tempted to order the mac & cheese, BBQ beans, and cole slaw as the typical BBQ sides, but feel free to mix it up. Other sides like potato salad and cajun corn are deep within BBQ traditions, and still, others may seem new to you but taste delicious.

You should also consider your vegetarian and vegan guests when ordering sides. Though many of them will understand they came to an event centered on meat, a heartier salad option like orzo salad, a traditional salad, and potatoes can be an excellent start to ensuring they also have something to eat.

  • Finish Your Planning with Drinks and Dessert

Something easy to grab – like cookies, brownies, or pie – is an excellent option for dessert. You might want to serve ice cream on a warmer day but be sure to figure out the logistics to keep it cool. 

You also need plenty of water for everyone. Caterers like Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn will have the right drinks to accompany your BBQ feast: sweet tea and lemonade. You could also provide soda if your guests preferred. 

Plan Catering with Experts like Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn

A good caterer’s family secrets to barbeque become your secret sauce for a fantastic event. Now that you know how to order BBQ catering, you can leave the food to the experts and start preparing the rest of the party.

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