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Do you want a house that looks gorgeous but is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain? Use these amazing bathroom designs to your advantage.

Housing Style: Easy to clean bathroom designs

Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom is a tough job that no one wants to do. Not everyone can afford to have a housekeeper or have the time to clean the bathroom. However, it is essential to clean the bathroom. So, having an easy to clean bathroom design will help you clean it easily and maintain it in its pristine condition for a long time. So here are some low maintenance bathroom design ideas.

Using a solid surface for the walls of your bathroom will eliminate the grout accumulation in between the wall tiles and help you to clean the walls effortlessly. Vinyl covered walls are excellent when it comes to low maintenance. They come in beautiful textured designs and can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge. Having a single stone slab on countertops not only looks beautiful but also makes cleaning easy.

Instead of traditional two piece toilet, install modern wall faced toilets with fully glazed rimless bowl and which have seamless sides to avoid cleaning the awkward spaces behind your toilet seat. A wall hanging toilet bowl with a built in the wall cistern will not only make cleaning the floor simple but also save you some space.


Having a good exhaust fan installed in the bathroom is extremely important. It not only helps to keep away mildew and mold but also helps to protect your paint and wallboard from deteriorating. The newer models of exhaust fans are energy efficient, powerful and make less noise. The fancier ones turn on automatically when they detect humidity.

Using a glass partition for the shower area will make it dirty and hard to clean. Instead, you can opt to design a wet area with concrete and solid surface walls. Also using shower curtains instead of glass panels around the shower area will elevate your bathroom visually and you can easily clean the curtains in a washer.  Handheld showerhead with a long hose creates a more watertight area with less splatter and makes it easy for bathing kids and pets.

Having less intricate designs in the bathroom will aid in keeping it grout free. Get away with using too many cupboards and cabinets in the bathroom. If you want to maximize the storage space beyond the bathroom vanity then opt for built in cabinets in the walls instead of the ones which are protruding from it.

Install wall hung vanity tops which do not touch the floor so as to clean the floor easily. The newer vanity tops made of ceramic are excellent for use in the bathroom since the glazed surface of ceramic does not let dirt settle and also has a high resistance to heat. The countertops should be seamless to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

Wall mounted faucets make it easier to wipe the counter clean. You can choose between the countertop basins and under the counter basins depending on the amount of space desired under the counter cabinet. Just make sure to choose a seamless design without decorative cornices which avoids spills and is easy to clean.

Create your dream bathroom and maintain it like a pro using these easy to clean bathroom designs and home improvement ideas.

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