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One of the biggest questions when considering home improvement is: is finishing a basement worth it? Here's everything you need to know.

Basement Humidity is Challenging to Manage – The Best Tips to Resolve This Issue

You need to get aware of basement humidity when you are making a home maintenance plan. It is because any amount of basement humidity will give rise to water damage and generate mold, when it doesn’t get managed at the earliest. 

There are particular cities in the world where the humidity is high during summer. That doesn’t just mean increasing moisture outside the house; when the air travels inside the house and gets cooled, it can maximize the relative humidity. Do you imagine what can happen when the damp air circulates via the basement? The answer, if there is moisture already present in the basement, things might get troublesome for you. The solution here is basement waterproofing, for which you can check out the Aqua Lock – waterproofing contractor in Louisville KY

Basement humidity is not favorable for your house

Any presence of water in the house where it doesn’t belong or is needed can cause damage to the walls, floors and the air which you breathe via the HVAC system. Humidity is, by itself, isn’t dangerous. But the average home temperature is apt for being the breeding ground for mold growth and bacteria with increased moisture, which can adversely impact your health. 

Know the signs 

Some of the signs of basement humidity is always not certain. However, if you are planning to keep a look at it, you need to consider signs like:

  • The musty smell
  • The heightened asthma or allergy symptoms
  • An overall damp feeling

Additionally, as the issues become more extensive, you can encounter water stains, damage, and condensation on the home surface. You can also come across rotting wood. The problems like water pooling and mold development are a few signs that suggest that you have a basement humidity issue for a long time. 

How to bring down the basement humidity?

To speak of an ideal condition, your house should have about 30% to 35% of the humidity. That way, there will be no development of the microbes. It also ensures that the home surfaces which require slightly more humidity, such as the wooden floors, don’t warp and get cracked. As per Chiang Rai Times when you have a budget constraint, it is wise to bring a dehumidifier for the basement, which will eliminate and condense all the water in the air. 

But similar to any water problem in the house, it is necessary to get a thorough professional inspection done for accessing the damage or any other causes that lie within but go unnoticed. Therefore, you need to bring home an expert professional and look at all that is going for addressing the problem at hand. That will ensure you have access to a solution and that works in your favor. 

Therefore, get in touch with a basement waterproofing professional who can help you bring down the humidity. They can also tell you why all your past attempts didn’t work and how you must plan effectively to reduce the basement humidity and ensure that there are no hazards.

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