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Are you headed back to college this fall? We've compiled a one-stop-shop list of everything you'll need, from stylish clothes to help passing that class!

Go Back to College in Style with These Helpful Tips

Back to school as a college student differs a whole lot from back to school in grade school, middle school, and high school. College students need more than back-to-school clothes and a backpack when they move away to a university. 

Furniture and transportation become necessities, especially if they are pursuing their bachelor’s degree in an entirely new city. This brand new burst of freedom and independence in the name of education will require items for both scholarly success as well as a few objects to jumpstart your social life from zero to 100.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to get ready to go back to college in style with these helpful tips to make the most of your shopping list. 

Supplements to Keep Your Energy Up 

When you are spending hours in class and even more hours studying and writing essays in college, your health and overall stamina are of utmost importance to maintain productivity. 

Healthy Supplements can have your body covered with daily essentials, multivitamins, heart health, vegetarian products, joint and cognitive health, stress and mood support, blood sugar levels, pain relief, immune and digestive health, vision strength, and seasonal support.

Furnish Your Dorm Room 

In between your time spent in lecture halls, campus activities, and local coffee shops, you will be reading, writing, and relaxing in your dorm room. You will need your new domestic domain to be as comfortable and cozy as possible for those long nights of study marathons and social get-togethers.

Make sure that you have the right dorm furniture for your living destination to make it look and feel distinctly like you. College students and postgraduates can transform their small space without giving up on their personal style. 

Make your transition to college free of stress with the addition of bedding and bath products, pillows and storage bins, rugs and furniture, lighting, and decorative décor, such as art to hang up your dorm room walls.   

Jewelry Like a Rapper 

College is a path to employment and increased wealth. But during that journey, the struggle can get real while spending multiple years with your face in books and your brain on homework assignments. 

With a purchase from 6 Ice, you can have a piece of jewelry that can give you the motivational thrill of feeling like a famous rapper while you are working on earning your own riches.  

Get your hands on an 18k gold Cuban chain, a white gold heart ring or tennis bracelet, as well as diamond earrings, all without ever having to blow your college tuition in the process. 

Make a statement in every room that you enter. Go from the new kid in school to dating prospects after class is dismissed with a little bit of bling to brighten up your appearance.  

Rent a car for school 

What if you live in an off-campus apartment that is many miles away? You could also be new to the college town or metropolitan city that your school is nestled into and are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with taking the public transportation system there. 

Advantage car rentals make it possible to get discount car rentals from the major airports in cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, and Tampa.

Hop into a comfortable full-size, premium, or luxury sedans, spacious SUVs, minivans with luggage space, even a convertible on those sunny Fridays when you want to bring in the weekend with style. 

Products with CBD  

CBD Products are not going to get you high and unable to focus on anything other than giggling. CBD doesn’t contain the THC component from cannabis that creates that stimulation factor. 

Products infused with CBD have many health benefits that a college student can get the most out of. If the nerves in your legs and feet are bothering you, there is a CBD oil to ease your suffering. 

Muscle and joint pain don’t have to compromise how you feel in the classroom when you use the right body spray, bath soak, or body crème. 

Customized Pet Portrait for Your Study Room 

Get exactly what you need to express your adorable side by purchasing custom pet portraits. Turn a picture of your favorite furry friend into a hilariously cute portrait of your cat or dog in a human costume that you can hang on your wall in its hand-crafted hardwood, gallery standard, 1.25” wooden frame.

Now you will have a personalized piece of art to salute your pet and also to glance at whenever you need a quick chuckle after cramming for exams. 

LED Poi Performance Art

LED Poi is a style of illuminated performance art, one of the most well-known flow arts that combine dance, juggling, and fire-spinning. Put your hands into a led poi glove set that is battery powered and light up the room with your movements and gestures. 

Become the center of attention at college parties by putting on an impromptu light show in the dark as the DJ plays bass-heavy hits. Customize your illuminated performance art with a long list of colorful lights that automatically react to your various range of motion. 

LED Poi users who also happen to be studying performance arts get an added bonus out of using these mobile lights to add some razzle-dazzle to their nighttime practice sessions and can create some visually interesting videos to share on social media. 

Apparel That Starts Conversations 

Wearing funny and ironic t-shirts and hats from Famous IRL is a sure-fire strategy to gain attention on your crowded college campus. Get conversations started as you bring a smile to students in the cafeteria or while standing in line at your school’s bookstore.

Find t-shirts to represent LGBTQ pride, your patriotism, favorite movies, and television shows, music, foods, cats, dogs, and even to celebrate holidays when Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, Cinco de Mayo, and St. Patrick’s Day come around. 

Wearing your interests directly on your body is also a way to get compliments from people that get excited about those things as well and to get some friendships forming at your college. 

Pushing Your Grades Up with Online Tutors

With the cost of college going up every year, there is no room to settle for lousy grades and mediocre retention of the learning material in your desired field of study. 

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