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Why Do Babies Fight Sleep?

Why Sleeping is Important?

Sleep is very important for a good night but it is even more important for babies. Sleeping is more important than you think. It is an important part of everyone’s routine. It is also an unavoidable part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping is necessary for both the physical and mental development of the body. It is recommended to have an adequate amount of sleep to properly work and stay active throughout the day. An adequate amount of sleep will improve attention, memory, learning ability, behavior, and overall development of the body. If you do not cover an adequate amount of sleep, it will result in obesity, high blood pressure, and even depression. Sleep provides rest that prepares us to face up the world the next morning. Grandparents, parents, and every creature in this world need a proper amount of sleep, and babies are no exception to this. Sleeping is an essential part of survival as eating. 

Sleeping is very necessary. But have you seen your baby fighting sleep? It is common for baby fightingsleep. It can become trouble for the parents as if the baby will not sleep, it can be damaging for him. Also, if the baby doesn’t sleep, the parents cannot sleep. It ruins the entire nighttime for both parents and babies. There can be several reasons why your baby fighting sleep. We will discuss all these reasons Why Do Babies Fight Sleep in this article. Also, we will discuss some tips and tricks that you can adopt to make your baby sleep.

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Some of the reasons that cause baby fighting sleep can be as follows:

    • Baby fight sleep due to an overtired body. If your baby is overtired and creates trouble while settling down, then he may not get a good night’s sleep.
    • It can be also because your baby has dropped a nap. If your baby has started to skip the morning nap, then he may not get sleep easily.
    • When your baby starts to grow, he may not get enough tired. Without feeling tired, he may fight to sleep.
    • Hunger can be the reason Why Do Babies Fight Sleep. Babies have small tummies that need to be filled in a day frequently.
    • If you are traveling often, then it can also cause the baby fighting sleep as the schedule gets disturbed. It becomes hard to fix the bedtime schedule again for the baby.
  • Young babies mostly tend to roll, crawl, babble, and sit up. They do all these activities as they are at their growing stage. These activities can become the reason Why Do Babies Fight Sleep.
  • Most babies start cutting their teeth after almost 6 months of their birth. The teething pain can be a reason for the baby not feeling asleep.
  • Young babies are very attached to their parents. If they found themselves ever alone, they quickly start crying. They burst out in tears if they don’t see their parents. It may become a reason why your baby is not able to sleep properly.
  • Babies have a lot of toys, and some of them beep too. Overstimulation can be the reason Why Do Babies Fight Sleep. You should avoid any stimulating activity before bedtime for proper sleep.

All the above mentioned are the most common reasons Why Do Babies Fight Sleep. As we have discussed the reasons, now we will discuss the tips and tricks so that baby does not fight to sleep.

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Here are some tips and tricks through which your baby will not fight to sleep well. They are:

  • You should try to fix the bedtime routine. A fixed bedtime routine will help to make the baby sleep without any trouble. The baby will sleep daily at a fixed time. In this way, the parents can also sleep without any worry about their baby.
  • Try to avoid any stimulating activity before bedtime. Overstimulation is one of the main causes of Why Do Babies Fight Sleep. Stimulation can occur due to a noisy environment or a busy household. 
  • You should fill your baby’s tummy enough so that he may not feel hungry.
  • You need to teach your child to not get afraid if you leave the room. You can do this by practicing with them by leaving a room for a few seconds and then returning. Through this, the baby’s sleep will not get disrupted. 
  • Ensure that you make their day fun-filled by introducing games and playing with toys. That’s how they will learn more activities and will easily get slept at night.
  • If your baby is leaving the morning gap, try for a long afternoon nap. Feed them lunch and make them sleep for longer in the afternoon.
  • At last, you can also try to read a “sleep training” book. There’s nothing wrong to grab any new piece of information, even if it may help you with the difficulty you are facing. You need to add some planning and structure to the entire process of sleeping down your baby. 

These are some of the most recommended tips and tricks by which your baby will not fight for sleep. Other than this, what’s more, important is to stay consistent. Consistency is the main key to stopping the baby fighting sleep. Just try sticking to the plan which you are making. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re not able to sleep with your baby even after following the tips and tricks, then you must ask for help from your partner or other family members. 

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The Bottom Line:

It is common for babies to go through such phases in their life where they fight sleeping. But what you should adopt in your mind is that it is completely normal and not any severe problem. You can take guidance and follow the solutions and you will surely get the results. Every baby is different so the way to deal with them should also be different.

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