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What is the Average Cost of Junk Removal?

Just have your home constructed or renovated and have a huge amount of junk to be gotten rid of? Well, we have to hire a Junk Removal company for the job. The Junk Removal company would not only pick up all the Junk but dispose of it as well. Picking up the Junk is not hard, however, disposing of is not easy.

All you have to do is search and hire the Junk Removal company like junkgator, the rest is the Junk Removal Company’s job. It will charge a minimal amount and you will have your home ready to be moved in. Want to do how much would you have to pay? The accurate amount can be given as the company’s rates are different and the nature of the job determines how much would you have to pay. However, it can be estimated how much on average you can be made to pay.

What is the average cost of junk removal?

There are two types of Junk removal services; full and partial. If you choose the full service, the company would gather, pick, load, and dispose of the Junk. However, if you choose to do the partial work on your own, the company would only pick up the collected junk and dispose of it for you.

For full Junk Removal services on average you would have to pay somewhere between $100 to $800. However, if you do not put the entire burden on the Junk Removal company’s shoulders, the cost would be more or less $70 to $400. 

Want a bit more realistic figures? The good news is you can calculate the expense yourself. 

How to calculate the cost of Junk Removal?

The Junk Removal company performs different tasks, using vehicles, and equipment to carry and dispose of Junk. Therefore, the amount you pay is usually a sum of several small expenditures. To get a better idea, you need to know how much the company charges for a specific task or vehicle and then add all the expenditures to get the accurate amount. 

Each item will be picked, carried, and disposed of at a different rate. Construction debris would be would cost you a hundred to several hundred dollars, household appliances $60 to $130, and furniture from $70 to $700. Take the number of items into account as well. If the Junk occupies ¼, ½, or ¾ of the dumpster cost will be $100 to $275, $200 to $450, and $300 to $500.

The rental of the equipment would also be included in the cost. Handcarts, straps, dollies, and paddings would also add a minimum amount (more or less $30 to $70) to your Junk Removal expense. Furthermore, do not forget to add disposal costs.  The company would charge you for dumping the Junk at a local landfill at a price range between $20 to $50 per tonne. Now, add up all the expenses and see how much you need to have to hire a professional service. For a more accurate idea, take a stroll around, get the quote, and add up the expenses to determine the total expense.

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