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How long does it take for Autoflowers to grow from seed?

Autoflowers seeds are suitable for sowing in the open and closed ground. Some growers claim that they manage to get a decent harvest even on the windowsill, this cannabis is so tenacious and able to adapt to environmental conditions. Let’s discover some useful details on autoflower seeds growing.

How to cultivate autoflowers seeds?

To grow female autos, you need to purchase high-quality seeds from Herbies and choose the right flowerpot for them. Its capacity should not be less than 10 liters, with a ready-made substrate as soil. Thanks to the particles of these substances, the roots will be able to absorb oxygen in sufficient quantities.

The key to success is good drainage. Modern hemp growers recommend replacing expanded clay with foam, which must first be broken into small pieces. The drainage should take up about five centimeters, depending on the depth of the flowerpot. After the foam is laid, the substrate is poured on top and the flowerpot is poured with water until the liquid pours into the stand. As soon as the water drains, the prepared seed can be placed in a flowerpot.

When arranging the grow box by yourself, pay attention to the fact that the box should be well-ventilated, and the temperature inside should not exceed 35°C. It is optimal to maintain 27°C during the day, and about 22°C at night. The plant should be well warmed up by lamps from all sides, you can choose the light mode yourself. The following day/night options are available:

  • 20/4;
  • 18/6;
  • 12/12.

Cannabis needs light to thrive, and if it’s enough, you’ll get a rich crop of buds with a high THC content. With favorable lighting, cannabis can begin to bloom as early as 42 days after planting the seed in the ground. Carefully study the packaging: the seed bank indicates how many autofems can be grown per square meter. Follow the instructions for the variety.

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