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Ari Motel’s Tips: Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Stay

When you check into a hotel, it’s natural to expect a comfortable stay. But did you know your attitude plays a big role too? Being friendly with hotel staff goes a long way toward making your experience awesome. Even experts at Ari Motel agree – you might unknowingly be making some etiquette blunders. And believe us when we say that being impolite to the employees will not make things better. Let us discuss some hotel dos and don’ts that will help other visitors as well as yourself.

Dos for a Perfect Stay

For an impeccable stay, learn the art of dos, which are small but effective things you can do to improve your stay and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Let’s take a look at the essential practices:

1. Positive Attitude:

Pass a smile as you check in at the motel! A positive attitude sets the tone for a delightful experience. Greet the staff warmly, and you’ll find that the good vibes are contagious. Remember, a friendly demeanour not only brightens your day but also contributes to a positive atmosphere for everyone in the hotel.

2. Politeness Towards Staff:

Show the hotel employees the respect they deserve! Politeness goes a long way toward creating a harmonious stay. Say “please” and “thank you,” and you’ll witness the magic of courtesy. If you have special requests, a kind approach increases the likelihood of a favourable response. Remember, it’s a partnership—your respect makes the entire hotel experience smoother.

3. Respect for Amenities and Property:

Make your stay shine by showing respect for the hotel’s amenities and property. Treat the room and its contents as if they were your own. Avoid unnecessary noise that could disturb other guests. By taking care of the space around you, you contribute to a positive environment for everyone. A little consideration can make all the difference in making your stay and others’ memorable.

4. Compliance with Hotel Policies:

Know the rules, and you’ll ace the stay! Familiarise yourself with the hotel’s policies and adhere to them. Whether it’s check-in/check-out times or specific guidelines, following the rules ensures a smooth experience for both you and the staff. It leads to a hassle-free stay—compliance equals comfort.

Don’ts for a Perfect Stay

According to Ari Motel, as much as knowing what to do makes your stay better, avoiding common pitfalls is just as important. Let us explore the must-avoid mistakes that can elevate your hotel experience from merely passable to truly remarkable.

1. Avoiding Rude Behaviour:

Ever heard that saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? It holds true in the hotel world too. Avoid rude behaviour like the plague. Whether it’s interacting with staff, fellow guests, or anyone else, a touch of kindness goes a long way. Rudeness, on the other hand, only sours the atmosphere and can quickly turn a pleasant stay into a less-than-ideal experience.

2. Handling Problems with Courtesy:

Issues happen—it’s a part of life. But how you handle them can make or break your hotel stay. Instead of venting frustration at the staff, take a deep breath and address concerns with courtesy. Remember, the staff is there to help, and a calm, respectful approach is more likely to resolve problems swiftly, turning a hiccup into a minor blip on the radar.

3. Noise and Disturbance Awareness:

Your fellow guests are on their own journeys, and quiet matters. Keep noise levels in check, whether it’s chatting in common areas or watching TV in your room. Avoiding loud disruptions ensures a peaceful environment for everyone. After all, the walls might be thicker than you think, but consideration is always appreciated.

4. Disregarding Hotel Rules:

Rules exist for a reason. Ignoring them can lead to unnecessary complications. Whether it’s smoking in non-smoking areas, bringing in pets where they’re not allowed, or violating any other policy, disregard for the rules can disrupt the balance of the hotel ecosystem. Be a rule-abiding guest, and you’ll find that the established guidelines contribute to a smoother, more enjoyable stay for all.

Putting It All Together

In conclusion, crafting an optimal hotel experience involves a mindful approach.   Remember to keep things positive – a smile makes everything better! Be nice to the staff, treat the place well, and follow the rules; it’s the secret recipe. Now, steer clear of being grumpy, handle issues with coolness, keep the noise down, and don’t forget those rules. Ari Motel management believes that your stay is a mix of good vibes and little acts of kindness. So, as you head out, leave behind good vibes, and may your next stop be just as fantastic! 

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